Tuesday, April 21, 2009


If you had a vintage bathroom and the tub spigot was chrome and had a little hex design that mirrored the hex tiles on the floor.....why would you remove it (gouging the chrome in the process), hide it in the basement and replace it with a plastic fake metal one?

Just wondering.

Now if I could find some cool hot & cold faucet handles, we'd be back in business.


Josh said...

That's a high aesthetic price to pay for a flow diverter... At least you still have the original tub spout-- mine's long gone.

Amalie said...

People are so funny about bathrooms-- there have been so few major advances in bathroom technology, but people still insist on updating. Yeah, I know there's self-flush toilets and whirlpool tubs, but beyond adding copper lines, it's hard for me to see what the fuss is. I know our pink bathroom will be a sore spot when we sell, but I can't kill it. I don't have the heart. Guess I'm just not a whirlpool bath kind of gal.

Mike said...

I know its rhetorical but...

Even people who mean well have brain farts and those seem to happen most often in the bathroom.

Bess who built Foxcroft was the epitome of obsessive compulsive. Yet when it came to the bathroom, a relatively huge, for its day, 8 x 10. She had a medicine cabinet centered on the wall but a corner sink! You couldn't see the your face from the sink. We pulled out the corner and put in a pedestal.

Now I confess my brain fart: I could have put a fan in that bathroom and vented it up through the upstairs bath when it was built, and I didn't think of it!

possum said...

I'm just so glad our upstairs bathroom remained relatively unscathed (except the bathtub has a kitchen sink faucet??). We have what looks to be the original 1920ish sink *and* (this if for Mike of Foxcroft) a metal medicine cabinet made in Waterloo, Ia. The manufacturer's tag is still on it. I still have the orginal spout in the tub but need to figure out how to get the jury-rigging undone.

Jenni said...

Cool you found that. Plastic ? WHY did they even make that? eeak.

Oh...our bathroom was a 70's nightmare. NASTY! Painted paneling, weird soffits.

Amen, Amalie. So very true.

kerry said...

People do strange things. Glad you found it!

We found a mantel in tact in our basement. The fireplace was long gone but it was very obvious where the mantel belonged. It was one of the first things we did after moving in!

StuccoHouse said...

Josh - I'm embarrassed to admit, I didn't even think of the shower diverter. You are no doubt right. But, they could have done better than plastic. The vintage bathroom in my old house had an original diverter half way up the shower wall. Guess I'll try for that in this bathroom.

Amalie - Or you could sell to someone like me who would pay a PREMIUM for a vintage pink bathroom. My old house had a bathroom with a pink tile surround. I miss is terribly.

Mike - Yea, I suppose I should be more forgiving. Lol...I remember your posts about the corner sink.

Possum - Lol...a kitchen sink faucet. Would you love to have heard the conversation that went with putting that in?

Jenni - I know. I didn't even know they made them in plastic. But it sure explans why I could never get that hazy "film" off of it :-)

Kerry - You have go tot wonder what would make someone go to the work to remove a fireplace. Really.

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