Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Old Stove Vent Hole

Here's another thing I uncovered this past weekend.

Back in 1924 when this house was built, the kitchen stove was vented by a pipe out through the chimney. The chimney runs up behind one of the plaster walls.

When the old stove was removed, one of the POs took some window screen & joint compound and covered the hole. The patch was then covered by some big box cabinets.

I took the cabinets down a long time ago and the patch was pretty ugly. There also was a 99% chance that the actual hole in the chimney had not bee repaired behind the patch.

My new cabinet will be going in that corner, so now was the time to find out exactly what was behind the patch and repair it. I've received advice from some old house folks that have gone through this same process. Consensus is that the chimney brick should be filled in & then the wall repaired.

Cute little copper flue plate, no?  You know that will be saved and used in the future.


Josh said...

That copper flange is super cute! I can't believe it is that well-preserved and shiny. Great find.

Ryan said...

My old stove vent hole is covered by one of those paper plate looking covers. Most people I know who live in old houses have at least one of these either in the kitchen or living room from an old wood stove. I plan on covering it up with my one new kitchen upper cabinet. We don't use the chimney anymore though since the furnace was replaced.

StuccoHouse said...

Josh - I know. I really like it. It was covered w/ odd plaster/concrete/joint compound, so I'm not sure how it stayed on good condition. I'm not complaining, but I also wonder why they didn't pull it off before patching instead of shoving it in and patching over it.

Ryan - Most old houses in theory have a vent hole for a stove (not just wood - the old kitchen stove in my house was gas). If anything still vents up the chimney (e.g. furnace, water heater), it's a good idea to repair the chimney itself, I think.

Dean Warner said...


Can I use the last photo on this blog in a free digital publication?


StuccoHouse said...

Dean - No, I like to keep my photos exclusive to my blog. Thanks.

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