Friday, April 17, 2009

The Home Stretch

I don't have a lot of time today, but thought I'd throw up some photos of the Tappan Deluxe vintage stove restoration.  I've been making progress in cleaning & painting the final pieces.  I hope you can tell which are the "before" pictures and which are the "after" (the painted panels are from the storage compartment doors)

I need to order insulation, light socket & one handle.  Then I need to call the stove repair names I have to see if  they can rewire & recalibrate.

The end is actually in sight.


artemis said...

Looks terrific! What did you use to paint? We have an old O'Keefe and Merritt to restore, and I thought I'd have to send parts out for painting to get something heat worthy---excited to see that you tackled this yourself!

StuccoHouse said...

I used Rustoleum high heat bbq paint on anything near heat. I did not paint anything in direct contact w/ a flame or that originally had porcelain. You can also find engine paint that withstands high heat - I've heard you can get this in a higher gloss.

For the doors of the storage areas, I used Rustoleum eopxy appliance paint in black. This area will get a little heat, but not much. I'm curious to see how this holds up. It looks original. If it doesn't hold up, I'll send it out for reporcelain.

The white exterior percelain is in good condition and only needed to be cleaned.

I'll probably eventually send the burner grates out to be reporcelained. I'll also probably eventually get the burner wells rechromed. More on this later.

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