Monday, April 27, 2009

Chicken Little

I pulled down the rest of the old acoustic tiles from the ceiling in my kitchen. What you see under there are little stick-on tiles underneath the furring strips.  They are staying up.

Let's have a moment of silence for the ruined plaster beneath it and try not to be bitter.

I'm pondering if I should fix the big, lath-baring hole in the plaster before I put up the new ceiling. I probably will, or it will bug me knowing it's there.

Oh, and fear not. The white bulb lights' days are numbered.


Mike said...



My oldest daughter still talks about the day at our previous house when "The dining room ceiling fell on Dad!" It knocked me off the ladder and was a real mess to clean up.

I had a professional plasterer put up drywall on the ceiling (and you know I am a purist) he said the strips were great to hold the drywall in place. He used 1/4 sheets and skim coated on top of it. He did the room in 17 separate pieces so that each would hold up tight given the variation in the ceiling. You could not tell it wasn't original.

Our current kitchen ceiling is done is 2'x2' "cornell boards" and is starting to look like a quilt with every square sagging. I am seriously considering calling the same guy to re-do the ceiling here!


StuccoHouse said...

Lol....I'm pretty sure in a quiet moment I heard you warning me from Iowa :-) The plan is to leave the furring up. I hate it; I want plaster. But,I have comes to terms with the fact that that is not going to happen. I'm going to put in tin type tiles attached to that furring. And I will be happy with them, damn it :-)

Michele said...

Is that actual cardboard, that held some sort of cans behind the furring strips in that one section?

Amazing, simply just amazing.

StuccoHouse said...

Michele - It is cardboard :-) I suspect that the plaster keys broke when they put up the furring - or maybe before. Instead of fixing it only to put up acoustic tiles, they just covered it with cardboard. No harm, no foul I guess.

I know myself well enough to know that it will totally bug me if I leave that as is...even though I too am covering it. So I'll probably do a quick patch & then cover it.

Jennifer said...

Well, at least there are furring strips to hold up the tin ceiling? Looking for bright side...

lucia said...

oooooh, can we see a pic of the tile!?

Domesticated said...

Ugh... I've dealt with this in a few different rooms of my house. Never fun. I think the tin ceiling sounds really cool. It'll be alot let work too I'd assume.

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