Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Teeny, Tiny Rant

I'm in a bad mood this morning.

Earlier this week I ordered some cabinet hinges from Rejuvenation. I was ecstatic to find them on clearance.  After placing the original order online, I called the company to see if I could add two more hinges onto the order before it shipped.  The first order was on it's way out the door, so I placed a second order for the additional hinges.

Today I was happy to see a shipping confirmation in my email.  I opened the email and started looking for an expected arrival date.

Then something caught my eye on the list of items.  Two hinges. Correct.  Catalog. Good. An $80 black ceramic light fixture. Huh?  I didn't order a light. I ordered two extra hinges. That's it.

Called Rejuvenation.  Operator was polite when I explained to her what happened. But irked me just a little when she implied that because it was a phone order, she couldn't be sure what I ordered.  Whatever. I'm pretty sure I would remember ordering (or even needing) an $90 light fixture.

I think I can guess how it happened.  I asked the Rep. that took my order if it was possible to buy extra metal brackets to hold up ceramic towel bars.  He probably was looking to see what I was talking about and hit "buy." Honest mistake.

So, now the un-ordered light is on my credit card.  When the order arrives, I am now responsible for repacking the lamp, calling UPS and getting it back to the company.  And THEN I will be issued a credit to my card.  I kind of wonder if I should call my credit card company and get them up to speed, because you just know if there is a way that light could crack/chip/smash/get lost on it's way back to will happen to me.

Like I need one more thing to add to my day.  Ok, I've vented. Not the end of the world. I'll live.

I adore Rejuvenation's products and have ordered plenty of them. I fawn over their store when I am in Portland.  But jeez louise, I have bad luck with their Customer Service.

I still am overjoyed to have found the hinges I need. I have to remind myself of that.


Kathy from NJ said...

I think I might back up my call to customer service with an email.

StuccoHouse said...

Good idea, Kathy :-) Sent one off last night. What did we do before email??

Karen Anne said...

I like rejuvenation's stuff a lot, but their customer service, not so much.

For awhile they had a boss' blog, which was great, then it vanished with no notice, along with all the good info it had contained.

A month ago I emailed them about a problem with a floor register, no answer. Tried again last week, no answer. So today I will call them. (The register I have required some work to get it to fit the existing opening, because the louver screws stick out past the stated measurements, that's the problem. I want to order three more, but would prefer they fix this,not me.)

A shame, I would expect a company that makes good stuff, much of it by hand, would have good customer service.

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