Monday, March 02, 2009

The Nuts & Bolts

The cabinet maker called me last week to confirm some details about the kitchen cabinet.  We hashed out those details and then he asked me about the hardware I was going to use.  The hardware. Good question.

So, this past Saturday I spent the day making the rounds of the local salvage places.  I needed 8 hinges, three cabinet latches, one drawer pull and one pull knob.  I wanted all to be vintage and to match the hardware currently in use in my other vintage kitchen cabinets.

The hardware I was looking for it very typical of 1920's.  I'd venture to say that 95% of the houses in the Twin Cities with vintage cabinets have this identical hardware.

So, I was a tad surprised when I stopped in to Northwest Salvage on Selby in St. Paul and they had nothing close to what I needed.  Well, I was able to find a drawer pull that I wanted.  I thought for sure I'd have my pick of hinges, but no suck luck.

I went over the the ReUse Center knowing that they had cabinets in their store with the exact hardware I needed.  I wanted to ask if they had any loose hardware.  I can't go into it without getting frustrated all over again.  I'll just sum up by saying that their "sales people" are incompetent...and my standards are pretty low..

So, I was at home still kind of fuming about the ReUse Center and  surfing online.  I was checking out sources for new hardware in the same style.  For some reason, I tried Rejuvenation...then went to their clearance page.  It took a  second for it to hit me, but they had the exact hinges I need on clearance.  2 for $4.99.  I ended up with the entire stock I need (and some extras) for the price it would have cost me for one pair at full price ($20). Score. Because so little of the hinges actually shows, I don't think they will look too new once installed.

Now I just have to hunt down the cabinet latches.  One cool thing about my vintage latches is that they have a cute little brass turn knob while the rest of the latch is steel (I think). On these, I really am hoping for vintage.


Kathy from NJ said...

Greg Petch has had really good luck on ebay.

Kathy from NJ said...

PS - I know his name isn't really Greg Petch, but that's how I refer to him.

Omar said...

Ah rejuvenation -- I've lost many an hour browsing all that delicious hardware. The cabinet is gonna look sweet. :)

StuccoHouse said...

Kathy - You read my mind. Spent the better part of Sun going through page after page of EBay items. Not a one came close. I suspect this may be a city or regional trend. I'm pretty confident I'll be able to find them. Still a few more salvage places to hit.

P.S. Knew exactly who you were talking about....thats what I call him too :-)

Omar - I have a love/hate relationship with them. They've been the subject of more than a few of my posts. They do have very nice stuff though.....

Dutch-House said...

I found the cabinet latches you are looking for through Kennedy Hardware online. I needed some almost like what you have pictured, except cast iron. They have some very close to what you are looking for. Mine are currently on back order, but they said they will be in this week.

BTW I found some new at seven corners, but they were cast brass/chrome and priced at 31 buck a piece.

StuccoHouse said...

Dutch - Yea, I've found a bunch of sources for new latches (although none with the brass/steel combo I have), but I'm looking strictly salvaged :-) Still have a few places in town to check out....I'm confident.

I'm pretty picky about this, but I want the new latches to look identical to the vintage on my existing cabinets. The goal is to make the new cabinet absolutely match the existing vintage. The new hinges will be fine, but the latches need to be old.

Your new kitchen looks lovely, by the way.

Ryan said...

I bought those same clearance hinges for my cabinet doors. Not only were they the same size but the price! However, they aren't a direct replacement for my laundry chute 'cause the screw holes are different. More patching to do. I got new latches and pulls from Rockler and Rejuvenation but I'm wondering if I should replace the originals on the other side of the kitchen cause the chrome/nickel is all pitted.

Dutch-House said...

I do understand about the latches. If my pantry and Kitchen were not separate rooms, my hardware (and cabinets) would have had to match exactly in order to look right. At least that's how I justified it to myself so I could get some sleep at night.
There is one more place that I did not see you mention (although you may have already scoured there inventory). Gilded salvage on the north-side of Camden, The had one latch that matched mine exactly. Anyway, good luck with the search.

StuccoHouse said...

Ryan - Yea, I also noticed that the screw holes are staggard differently than my vintage ones, but not a deal for my new cabinet :-) When I first moved into my house, I replaced my original cabinet pulls w/ new. I realized immediately, I hated it. To me they just looked all wrong. You can see in the photo on this post, that my vintage hardware has seen better days. It's dented, pitted, finish is worn off in spots (the new one even has a little rust, think)....but I love them. To me - they tell a story of 80+ years. Just my opinion.

Dutch House - I agree w/ your thought process. Because my new cabinet is in the same room as my vintage cabinets....the goal is to make it look identical. The plan is to hit Guilded Salvage, Bauer Bros, Arch Antiques (pricey) and City Salvage (have had luck there before). I was really surprised NorthWest Salvage didn't have anything, but I'm starting to suspect those salvage stores love the fancy Victorian hardware....the simple, plain, average person's bungalow hardware, not so much.

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