Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mystery Of The Missing Snow

Here's the thing.  I have lived in my house for 6 years now. That's 6 full winters.

I have a back alley.  Today I was driving my car down it to park in my garage (snow emergency declared in Minneapolis so I had to pull my car off the street) and it dawned on me.  I have no idea how that back alley gets plowed.  I have never once seen nor heard a plow drive down it removing snow.

I wake up from REM sleep in the wee hours when the garbage truck goes through once a week.  How is it that a snow plow gets through there without me even noticing?


Shane and Casey said...

6 years is impressive :)

Must be magic

Anonymous said...

Maybe your garbage truck has a snow plow on the front? Two-fer-one :)

BTW, Some Tappan Deluxe parts on eBay right now in case you need any of these.

Dutch-House said...

The alleys are not plowed by the city in St. Paul, although they may be in Minneapolis. You might have a nice neighbor with a plow.

Jennifer said...

I have no idea! I can hear ours from miles away.

Linnea said...

They don't use the regular blue city plows--it's a Cat plow, and huge. They usually come through our alley twice after a big snow, but I've never heard them either.

Mike said...

Several thoughts come to mind:

Test bed for new buried heater coils in alley to melt away snow

"Stealth" snowplow

Are there a lot of snow forts/snowmen back there?

One of my brothers, a Snap-On Tools dealer, plows his back alley so he can get his truck in and out. He's done ir for 20 years there. Last year a librarian I know moved into the neighborhood. The librarian asked me what my brother's favorite beer was and delivered a case of it to the back porch. Tom said that was the first time he'd ever been thanked for plowing.

StuccoHouse said...

HA!!! I finally saw the city plow go through my back alley. Linnea, you were spot on...a big yellow CAT style thing. We got a lot of snow so I have been on high "alley snow plow alert" tonight. Didn't hear it, but saw the motion light on my garage go off and ran to the window to look. (yes, that sounds a little silly to even me as I type it). Mystery solved!

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