Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kitchen Cliff Notes

I feel like I left you hanging with my last post.  So, in short, here's whats going on behind the scenes on the kitchen.  You will hear more about all of this in excruciating detail soon, but here are the Cliff Notes.

I'm talking to a cabinet guy about having a custom cabinet made for that corner. It's progressing well.  There are lines on the wall indicating that there once was a cabinet there (not the ones over the stove).  I'm in the process of hunting down vintage hardware to match my existing cabinets.  More about all this shortly.

You can see that the wall is in bad shape.  This is mostly because the chimney for the house runs behind that wall. Originally the kitchen stove vent pipe ran through a hole in the wall and into the chimney.  When the stove went, the hole was patched (very poorly) with some hardware cloth and joint compound.  What I need to do is pull of the bad patch, have the hole in the brick chimney closed and the wall replastered.  I need to get bids from a mason on the chimney repair, and the thought of this sucks the life out of me.

The outlet that you can see to the left of the toaster needs to be moved over to the right and down.

The ishy acoustic tile ceiling needs to come down (well, the rest of it - as I've got half of it down already).  Then a new ceiling need to go up.

I'm going to add a pot-filler faucet above the stove.  I've found the one I want and need to order it.  More on this shortly.

Wallpaper has been chosen.  Lighting has been chosen.

And the Tappan Deluxe still needs some work before it can replace the stove you see in the photo.

I was bored the other day and added Twitter to cover the minute details & pissy rants that don't warrant a full blog post. Same name as the blog.

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