Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Up North!

Only here in Minnesota does moving a vintage house to a new lot to make room for new housing involve ice thickness.  

All of the local news channels covered this story today.  

White Bear Lake is on the outskirts of the Twin Cities and has some great older homes.  F. Scott Fitzgerald used it as a setting, calling it Black Bear Lake, in some of his short stories.   

First, bless the soul of the owner that went to such great lengths to save this vintage house.

Secondly, one of the tv stations spoke to one of the movers.  His father, also a building mover,  had tried the same thing 40 years back only to end up with a house at the bttom o f the lake.


Shane and Casey said...

Beat you to it :). Practically the same post title as well

StuccoHouse said...

Yes, congratulations. You beat me to it. I gather you aren't from MN.

"Up North" is a popular saying in Minnesota. It's a bit of an inside joke because White Bear Lake is about 10-15 miles north of my house.

Shane and Casey said...

Actually, I grew up in west central Minnesota (12 years) and last month moved away from Eden Prairie, MN. Not quite 15 miles away from White Bear Lake, but close enough to have driven by a few times :). Right now, I'm working in a office in MN and will leave here tonight and end up in ND.


Nice blog by the way. I enjoy "local" blogs a bit more as I can relate to places people go and events that happen. Speaking of which, I need to schedule a trip to Bauer Brothers pretty soon...

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