Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Old Posts

I started StuccoHouse blog about this time 4 years ago. I had just been dumped by a bf and needed something to distract me from spending all of my time plotting his painful & untimely demise ;-). Before my blog, I had websites that I updated frequently for StuccoHouse and before that my condo.

My first blog was on AOL using their sad little service. For whatever reason the AOL powers declared my blog "Blog of the Week" and suddenly I had some serious traffic that left comments. Things started to get fun. Then one day I got an email from some folks in Chicago that said they were thinking about starting up a type of blog-ring and asked if I would I be interested in joining Houseblogs :-)

After almost a year of blogging, AOL became a pain in the ass and I switched to Blogger. I left my old posts on AOL and linked back to them. Then one day this past Oct., I received a message from AOL that they were discontinuing their blog & website services and I had 30 days to transfer my old posts. I ended up importing them into a separate blog on Blogger and there they sat until today.

Today, I am starting out the new year with ambition. This new ambition includes trying to import my old posts into my current blog. I have the process somewhat figured out, but I'm not sure how this will affect sites that pick up my feed (e.g. Houseblogs) or people that subscribe to my site. I apologize in advance for any mayhem that may occur.

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