Monday, January 05, 2009

More Clues

Here are some additional shots of the mysterious patch on my basement floor and some additional clues based on your comments to my previous post.

1) When I went down to take more photos, I realized that there is a second smaller patched hole under the saw stand (my stained glass grinder).

2) For some odd reason the whole section was never tiled.....except half of the larger patch.

3) The beige and black tiles contain a small amount of asbestos, so they are at least 30+ yrs old.

4) The entire section may be hollow underneath. It's probably about 5 ft in length (adding credence to the dead body theory).

5) You can see slight shadows on the floor where it looks like something might have been built over this section.

6) I still have the original gravity furnace in my basement. It was originally coal and converted to natural gas in the early 50s. It is not near this area.

7) This section is about 3 feet from the exterior wall. Would a sump pump have been placed so far away from a wall? The ones I see are usually in a back corner along the wall.

8) All of my utilities, with the exception of electrical and phone, enter from the front of my house. This section is in the back.

9) There is a window in the corner that you can't see.....that may have been used for coal delivery. I really have nothing to back this up, but many of the houses around here have coal chutes and this would be the closest window to the furnace & the old coal room.

10) The original owner that built the house may have clung a bit to old technology. I'm the only house on the block that still has and ice delivery door (which is why I'm kind of surprised I don't also have a coal chute - see 9 above) .

11) The main drain is quite a distance from this spot and runs in the opposite direction.

12) Ignore my cluttered basement. That's my stained glass workbench....and the storm windows you have read so much about.


Jennifer said...

Hmmm.... the smaller one looks like a patch where a pipe used to go.

StuccoHouse said...

It does kind of....but I'm not sure where it would run. This one has me baffled.

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