Friday, January 16, 2009


Back in August I saw a door knob in Old House Journal that was identical to one I owned. I wrote to the magazine to see if they had any more info. on the hardware. They didn't, but printed my letter in the magazine.

Well, I had forgotten all about this when I started to browse thought the February issue. I was reading the Letters section when all of a sudden something rang a bell. Someone wrote in identifying the hardware photoed in the Nov/Dec issue. Wait a sec.....that was mine.

According to the contributor, my doorknob is the Montello pattern, circa 1895, manufactured by Reading Hardware Company of Pennsylvania. Evidently it is pictured in the 1982 book Antique Builders' Hardware, Knobs, and Accessories by Maud L. Eastwood.

Nice to know.


NV said...

OOOOOhhh -- thanks for reminding me: I haven't checked mine out yet. I'll be sure to look up your letter. Cool that you got a response.

Jenni said...

That is cool someone could identify the knob.
The book also looks like a good one.

Anonymous said...


Your doorknob sure gets around!

(I commented back in November)

Rich in NJ

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