Friday, December 26, 2008

Sharing Notes On Santa

Well, that was fun. Yesterday I ran into a little boy from down the street with his mom. This little guy is probably about 4 years old, smart as all get out and quite social. I always enjoy chatting with him and catching up on what is new in his life.

I asked him if Santa had been to his house. He told me that Santa had indeed visited and even brough him some things he did not ask for. He was pretty sure this was a sign that he had been a very good boy and his mom agreed.

I mentioned to him that right before I went to bed, I had looked out my upstairs window and down the street and thought I saw some lights - one of them red - over his house. I was thinking that maybe that was Santa at his house....and Rudolph too. But I didn't get a real good look.

He thought about that for a second and then told me that he had heard a big thump (clapping his little mittens together to show me how loud) on their roof at about that same time. He also was pretty sure he had heard something in their chimney.

We decided that it was Santa in the neighborhood :-)

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