Thursday, December 04, 2008

Loose Ends

Just a few random loose ends.

First, does anyone have an opinion/advice/experience/warning/praise for half round gutters? My gutters need to be replaced and I'm kind of considering something like these gutters. With cute rater tail brackets like these. I don't have much gutter on my run of approx 16' and another of maybe 30' across the back. I also have typical bungalow wide eaves. But, I do have trees that drop a lot of leaves. What do you think?

Secondly, I'm not sure what is up with this. I was really happy with the guys that restored my rafter tails. They were great to work with and did quality work. When I paid them, I asked for a receipt and they told me they would get me one. When I didn't receive one, I asked again. Then I thought maybe I needed to call the offices directly, so I called and left a message. The owner called back and left me a message saying he had not forgotten about the receipt (wouldn't it have been easier just to send me one?). Weeks later, still haven't received one. Not a huge deal. I need one for taxes, but I guess I can order a copy of my cancelled check. But, what's the deal with this? [update: received the receipt on Sat. - all is well with the world and my taxes]

Lastly, I discovered Facebook & LinkedIn. And Ravelry. Because I clearly do not spend enough time online already. If you know me in "real life" drop me a line if you are on either.


Tiny Oak Park Bungalow said...

I too recently discovered FB - who knew it wasn't just for college freshmen anymore? I'm never going to get anything done now.

Josh said...

Great links, Stucco. I had not seen either of those gutter sites before. The rafter tail brackets look awesome.

I've thought about half-round gutters for my place and have the same question as you about keeping them running free. It seems like the half-round shape might work better because there is no flat surface for debris to collect on and the water level will be higher for a given volume of water in a circle compared to a square/ogee of equal diameter. Just speculating...

Ryan said...

I've been trying to decide on gutters on my house also and with the deep eaves I can get away with no gutters (water stays 30" from the house) but it also goes right into my basement stairwell and subsequently into the basement. I like the idea of the half round gutters but I'm not sure it's worth the extra cost.

When you say you need the receipt for your taxes do you mean your 08 taxes, or for a capital improvements total if/when you sell your house?

Mike said...

I've thought about them too, because the original copper "K" style ones I have just aren't pitched right and I can't move the bolts (completely rusted after 80 years) to unattach and re-hang.

My only question: Is there anyone around who can solder sections together? The old timers used an iron rather than a torch like most would want to do today...

StuccoHouse said...

Tiny Oak - I know, I was shocked. I'm lucky they didn't have it when I was in colege...or the internet for that matter.

Josh - That's my thinking too. My house actually still has the vintage ridged, round downspouts, but not gutters. I ocassionally see houses with new versions of those - wonder where they get them.

Ryan - I've been toying with the idea of temporarily pulling down at least the shorter run of gutters for the winter. They aren't in great shape & were bent when I had my rafter tails restored. My basement is pretty dry (knock on wood).

I've spent a nice chunk of change on my house and keep receipts for all for an overall total, but I also have a funky work arrangement that plays out on my annual taxes.

Mike - Good question. I hadn't really gotten as far to think of installation. I know the site I linked to has a bunch of installation info. I'd love to have copper, but I'm afraid of theft here.....I think I'd go coated aluminum.

Mr. Kluges said...

I just did a full gutter replacement on our 1921 four square. We looked at everything - aluminum, copper, stainless steel, copper coated stainless steel, K-style, half round, box bead gutters, high back, etc. If you are going to go with half round, be sure to oversize the gutters. During a heavy rain, water tends to swoosh over the edges if they aren't wider. And the gutter brackets are gorgeous.

Marilyn said...

Those are the gutters I chose for my house 14 years ago. My biggest problem with them was the installers. They didn't know what they were doing. The other problem is that I have to keep climbing a ladder to clean them out. Haven't found a way to keep the leaves and crap out of them, but I wouldn't use anything but half-round on my house.
Those brackets are great, but I bet they're expensive.

StuccoHouse said...

Mr. Kluges - Thanks for the tip on oversizing. I'm not sure I would have though of that. By the way, I love the shingles you put on your house.

Marilyn - Nice to hear from someone that is using them. I have to clean out my gutters a few times a year anyway, so I guess that won't change. Although, maybe the half-rounds are a little easier to access? I has a terrible time with roofers, so I suspect finding anyone to install non-standard gutters will be a bear.

Yea, the brackets aren't cheap, but luckily I don't have much gutter to start with.

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