Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jack Frost

Ugh. Back in October I went to look at wood framed Marvin storms for my two kitchen windows. Earlier in the summer I had removed the horrid aluminum triple track storms and put up two temporary vintage wood screens. With winter approaching I knew I needed to do something.

The choices I was considering.....were having two vintage style storms made for the windows like I did for my two front windows. This meant either adapting to the storms swinging out & screenless during the summer....or changing out the storms with screens seasonally. The other option was to put in wood framed combination storms. I had already seen a number of options and Marvin was my last stop.

For whatever reason, I have not been able to pull the trigger on this. I still have not decided....and I still have not bought storms for those two windows. Last night it was -15 degrees f. Jack Frost is nipping at the inside of the windows (those are little wood apples in the photos). This is not good.

I may have to spend some time this afternoon, doing what I vowed I would not do this year. Putting up some 3M shrink weatherproofing plastic. Ugh.


Ranty said...

Oh dear... well at least you are not alone - my kitchen windows look just like that too.

Jennifer said...

Ooo... BRRR!~ There was frost on the inside of our windows the other morning... storms and all. Good luck!

Omar said...

Holy cow that makes my teeth chatter just looking at your last few posts. I'm heading up to chicago to visit family next week so I'm going to get a taste of it I'm sure.

I had to put up the plastic stuff over my daughter's bedroom window because it doesn't sit right -- that's a project for next year. I refuse to have to put that stuff up again.

StuccoHouse said...

Ranty & Jennifer - At least I'm not alone :-)

Omar - Oh, you are so headed for a shock in Chicago :-)

The plastic sure does work well, but like you....I'd like to move beyond it.

Shay said...

We live in central IL, in a 1917 stucco bungalow. An investment we have never regretted -- insulated shades. They're inconspicuous when rolled up and really help cut both the winter cold and the summer heat.

(In addition to the wooden storms we take down and put back up every year).

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