Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Near Miss

Those of you living in Minneapolis will probably relate to this story.

I was laying in bed early this morning. 1% awake; 99% asleep. I listened to a plane fly overhead. Then I hear a loud noise in the street in front of my house. I lazily tried to figure out what that noise was when it occurred to me that is was the city leaf clean-up. Signs had been posted on my block earlier in the week. Then my mind began to focus.


I had my car towed once at my old house during a snow storm when the city was plowing. It took 78 bus transfers and a long walk through a bad neighborhood carrying $200+ in cash to pay as ransom to the city to get my car out of the impound lot. It's not an experience that I ever want to repeat.

So, I threw a sweatshirt over my pajamas, grabbed my keys, put on a pair of boots and flew from my house like a bat out of hell. I ran down my front steps and to my car. All of the huge city trucks where parked at the end of my block with their lights turned on and shining on my car. I'm pretty sure they were either dabating what to do about my car or waiting on the tow truck.



Joe said...

Hey, today is my leaf cleanup day too! Portland doesn't get that snippy about it; they'll just go around. One of my neighbors had their car parked in front of my house all week and I was starting to get worried that it would cause them to skip my house. Luckily this morning it was gone!

NV said...

Wow! Glad you made it.

I think they quit picking up leaves in my neighborhood. I think that fancy, schmansy sweeper they bought was idled a few years ago when the city cut the job of the person running it!

Christopher Busta-Peck said...

This may well be one of the few good things about living in a place that doesn't allow overnight on-street parking.

Of course, there's the corresponding panic at 2:15 as to whether one's car is still on the street.

Jennifer said...


I've had that panic... have to move car NOW!

On the other hand, we leave a car on the street most of the time, and so there is this big "spot" that is never cleaned, swept, or snow plowed, since the city vehicles just swoop around it.

Green Fairy said...

Yikes! Our town will just leave you a parking ticket.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you didn't get towed. I started reading your blog just recently. Of course I had to go back to the beginning and play catch-up.
I too refurbished a stove. It is a Chambers C. What are you using to clean yours? It's coming out so sparkly.
Is it still in your living room? If so you might want to check out Magic Sliders. My stove has metal rounded feet on it under the bottom apron. I found a set of round grip tip ones that just popped on. Now I can easily slide the 300 pound stove out over my wood kitchen floor all by myself with no damage to the floor. They also have larger ones that you can buy that will make moving the stove into it's spot in the kitchen a whole lot easier. I enjoyed reading your blog and I hope you feel better.


Mitzi said...

Wow! You're lucky you made it when you did! We awoke to our neighbor pounding on the door last week to alert us that our car had already been ticketed and was about to be towed. Of course, we'd had construction crews all up and down the block replacing the sidewalks that entire week and the city had just put up the signs the night before so we had less than 24 hours notice. Yes, we'll be fighting that ticket!

StuccoHouse said...

Well, I'm glad I'm not the only fretting about getting towed. My city is a little sporadic about when/if they tow....but I figure city budgets have been cut and the temptation to earn a few bucks is pretty strong.

Ka3232 - I envy your Chambers. They are so pretty. In the entire time I was looking for old stoves, a Chambers never appeared on Craig's List...although I have seen two since. I did join one of the Chambers Owners' groups and I silently lurk there and read up on how they are restoring their stoves. I've been using lemon scented ammonia to clean mine, for the most part. I have also been using those magic eraser sponges (they work surprisingly well). It's funny that you should mention those Magic Sliders...I saw them a week or so ago at the hardware store and wondered how well they work. You are right...they probably would make my life a whole lot easier getting my stove from living room...through dining room...through swing door into kitchen. I'll have to give them a try...thanks for the tip!

Mitzi - I'd fight that one too. We usually get 3 or 4 days notice...unfortunately just enough time for me to forget.

Karen said...

My Chambers came with the house. It's yellow (I posted a link to a picture of it) . I like to say I bought the house just to get the stove, Ha Ha
Magic sliders, Magic erasers, I think we have a theme here :) Do you wet the eraser? My stovetop is chrome and scratches easily. A magic eraser is the perfect solution.


lamama said...

Yikes! I've been in my present So. Minneapolis house since '94 and have never once parked on the street. Alleys are one of the things I love about this town. Glad you dodged that bullet.

... and now I have to start haunting CL again ... after breaking that little habit ... I'd kill for an affordable Chambers. Long, long ago I rented an apartment with a big one and have never had a better stove since.

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