Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Letter to the Editor

Last August I sent off a quick email to Old House Journal about a doorknob featured in an article in their August issue. I had inherited an identical door knob and was curious if they had more information. When I didn't hear back from them, I assumed my email had hit a dead end.

Then one afternoon, I noticed an email from the Editor of Old House Journal. She told me that the photographer of the door knob didn't have much information about her dooknob - other than the interesting fact that her's was also handed down from German immigrants. The Editor asked me if she could print my email in their Letters section of the December issue. I told her to go ahead.

This afternoon, I picked up the December issue and it includes the original magazine photo, my photo, my email and the photographer's response. We are now hoping that one of the readers will see this and respond with more historical information. It's just such an odd coincidence.


Just A Girl And Her Craftsman Bungalow said...

what is it made of? Have you seen my white doorknobs that might look something like yours if they were brown? Not sure about it but I thought it worth a look. I don't know a thing about the doorknobs I have either.

VERY cool that you got the editor response though!

Anonymous said...

How ironic! I was reading OHJ (I read it from start to finish, ads too) and when I read the letter I thought to myself how familiar this all seems but let it go.

And now I know where I read it about this before, HERE!

Funny, it's feels full circle for me!

Rich in NJ

StuccoHouse said...

Just a Girl - I think the handles themselves are brass, but it's a little hard to tell because they have an orangey finish on top of them. The finish has to be some sort of bakes on enamel; it not worn in the least and is very smooth and thick (not paint, not shellac/varnish)

I took a look at your white handles and the design appears a little more swirly than mine, but yours are VERY cute. You are so lucky to have them in your house. They would look so nice w/o the paint :-)

Anonymouse - That is too funny. It's actually a little alarming when I'm driving about town or whatever...how often something makes me think about the blogs I read regularily.

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