Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Changing Channels

I'm one of the last 12 people on the face of the earth that still has an analog tv. So, I went out and bought a converter box at Radio Shack and hooked it up to my tv. In attaching the converter box, I gained 5 or 6 channels I didn't have before. One of them is the Create channel (17-4 here).

I've become moderately addicted to their cooking/travel/crafts shows.

Most of the hosts are wildly annoying (Rick Steves makes my skin crawl), however I've managed to put together a viewing list that includes an overly cheery host named Daisy who has a Hispanic cooking show, a lady named Lidia that has an Italian one, and some ditsy soaps actress that has a knitting/crocheting show. The cooking shows are a little tragic as I have no working oven. But I did make homemade pasta sauce from my frozen garden tomatoes last week.

And I have been crocheting. Be kind as it's been a long while since I've crocheted with yarn (I usually do lace). I'm going to try to felt the blue & brown scarf this afternoon. I'll probably finish the pink one this evening (it's bamboo yarn).

Then, I promise I'll get back to house stuff. Yes, the Tappan is still in my living room.


NV said...

Hey, awesome! good technology training in installing the box and a nice little craftline going on the side there.

Laugh? If I did, I'd have to tell you about my singular crocheting experience. Not singular in that I only did it once. Singular in that -- around age 9 or 10 -- I tried. And I proceeded to do one STRING. A single string that took up nearly a whole thing of yarn.

I jumped rope with it, tied it to dolls to take them skydiving, used it as restraints in cowboys/Indians or cops and robbers ... Just one long pink string.

Karen said...

I like to watch Lydia. We get her on two PBS channels here in NY 21 and 13. By the way thanks for the tip on the Magic erasure. It cleans my stovetop perfectly :)
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

VickeryKnits said...

I love that you've come back to the dark side! Go crochet & knitting!

StuccoHouse said...

NV - My Grandma taught me how to tat when I was younger. I got about 6" into it and hit a knot. The whole thing went into a drawer never to be seen again :-)

Karen - She's a little addicting. I find myself making a lot of pasta these days. Those Magic Erasers does work well. I've been going through a lot of them on my stove.

VickeryKnits - Well, I also joined Ravelry and looking at other people's projects has totally eaten into my free time.

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