Friday, October 03, 2008

The Pressure is On

I have been working on two windows on the side of my house this summer. I don't think I have posted about it.

I took down the old aluminum storms windows and put in two of the vintage screens that I found a few summers ago at a garage sale. This was meant as a temporary fix while I worked on the windows and figured out what I was going to do for storm windows. I have about 3/4 of that hideous paint removed and winter is closing in. I need to make some decision about storms for those two windows (at least). While I love the vintage screen/storm window set-up, for security reasons (I live in the city), in windows that I want to open on first floor, I think I will probably go with some sort of combination storm. But, it must have a wood frame.

So, yesterday I conned a friend into driving to Shaw Stewart Lumber to look at the wood framed combination storm windows that Marvin makes. I had my window measurements and was ready to order the storms if I liked them. After seeing them and getting prices, I'm undecided. The windows come with a choice of 5 metal colors for the screen/glass insert frames (the actual storm frames are primed pine). None of those metal colors go with my gray storm paint color. The saleswoman told me I could paint that...but it would become one more thing to keep painted. There is an option to have a full screen attached to the frame, but that adds more to the cost. All of my windows are custom sizes, so these babies are pricey. That said, they are still the nicest combination wood storms I have seen. They take 2-3 weeks to order, so I still have a little time to decide.

Here are some photos of the Marvin storms in the showroom (taken with my cell phone, so forgive the quality).


Dutch-House said...

That is a decent looking storm window, I wouldn't mind using them myself. I looked at a few wood combo windows (I forgot the company name but they are right here in St. Paul) but I ended up getting some custom sized wood storms at a big box store that starts with and 'M'. I was shocked to find out they even sell them, although they are special order.
Just to let you know you are doing an excellent job with your house. It will look great when you are done. I think fussing about details does get a little old but will be worth it when paint job is done.

Ryan said...

I'm curious about what you mean by getting greater security with a combination storm/screen. I'm not sure I understand. Replacing my aluminum triple tracks will hopefully start next summer but I'm leaning toward a permanent frame with full swappable storm and screen panels. All the windows are casement so I'd like to avoid the unnecessary division (does that make sense?).

StuccoHouse said...

Dutch-House - They are pretty good looking...they are also pricey. I did post last summer about custom wood frame glass storms I had made in Minneapolis for my front two windows (I rarely open them). I do know of a guy in St. Paul that makes custom combination storms, but I personally like Marvin's better. There are quite a few options when you start looking, aren't there?

Thanks for the kind words about the house...the details really do take a lot of time :-)

Ryan - My statement about security probably doesn't make sense to anyone in warmer climates or non-city dwellers. Here is my thinking though: Most of my windows right now have the old (crappy) aluminum triple tracks. One thing I do like about these is that when you close the glass, it provides another layer of security to the windows.....and on hot days, you can easily open & close them.

For my windows that have the vintage style storms, when the glass panel is also have that extra layer. However, during the summer when you put the full screen in, you lose that extra layer...and with very little effort in cutting the screen, the double hung window is exposed. We hear pretty regularily about people cutting screens to get into houses around here. I have an uber-security system (see my old posts about identity theft), but I still like the feeling of two layers of glass on the windows on my first floor.

That said, I totally understand your desire to have full glass/screen over your casements. Right now 6 of my 12 casements are like that (and will stay like that). In a crime free world, I would insist on the old style change out storms for my house....and I still have them on some of my windows. Thats probably what explains the fact that I just can't "pull the trigger" on the combination my heart of hearts, I guess I'd prefer the vintage style storms.

One final note, there are places that make the old style wood storm frames with screen and a interior glass panel that can be added for winter. I know Adams in Iowa makes them (FoxCroft has them on his house). That's what I plan on buying for my upstairs indows.

Hope that generally explains my thinking.

missmillie said...

I'm a long time lurker and just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog and reading about your house projects. You're such a great steward of your house. You're an inspiration to me to try a little harder.

I must live not too far away, as I'm in the Standish neighborhood. My bungalow is from 1921.

As to the issue of wood combination storm windows, you might also look at A&A Millwork, close to each of our homes. I'm thinking in the spring, I'd like to get wood combination storm doors. In looking at their website, I see the also have storm windows. Here's the link:

Here's hoping the weather cooperates with your painting.

StuccoHouse said...

Missmillie - Thanks for coming out of lurk mode :-) Standish has some very cute bungalows.....I toured a few over there when I was looking for this house.

The guy I mentioned in St. Paul actually makes the wood combinations for A&A...and if you order directly they are a bunch cheaper....although still even more pricey than Marvin :-) I have looked at what A&A has to offer (storm doors too), but whatever reason I think I prefer the Marvin wood combination. I've actually toyed with making my own, but thats a whole other blog post.

If you are looking for doors, Scherer Bros. in Hopkins also has some nice wood storm doors (although its a trick to get anyone to help you there).

Ryan said...

Thanks' for your reply to my question about the security issue, I guess I've thought the same thing before too, but I wasn't sure if it was what you were going for. I had some triple storms on a house once that were even labeled "security storms".

I guess I figure if they're going to bust the glass, one pane or two doesn't make much difference to a determined person. additionally, 1/2 my storms only open 4 inches on the bottom so I remove the bottom glass panel in the summer anyway.

We have people around here who sleep with the windows or even doors open (only the screen closed) and have had break-ins. So I never leave the windows open at night (except once this summer when it was 90 in the house I opened the window above where my dog sleeps in my room - truthfully, I don't think having the window open helped much since I kept the drapes closed to disguise the open window.

StuccoHouse said...

Ryan - I totally agree that the safety thing is probably mostly psychological. I had my identity stolen a few years ago (there is a label for those posts), and my whole perspective on these things changed.

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