Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Morning Bell

Honestly. The strangest things happen to me.

I was sound asleep in bed when I heard my doorbell ring. It woke me up. I looked at my clock and it read 4:30 am. This was strange because my front doorbell has been out of commission for a while. But, it was definitely a doorbell. Definitely.

I went out this afternoon and looked at my front doorbell. Nope, still not working. Then it dawned on me.

I walked to my side door and looked at the doorbell.

My side doorbell button has a chunk missing. There is something crawling up the stucco on the exterior of my house in the wee hours of the morning and chewing off the button of the doorbell.

Weird. Right?


Anonymous said...

Squirrls and other critters really like the taste of salt. It is possible that there is enough buildup of salt from the many fingers to have touched the doorbell that the critter likes it.
But that is just a wild guess. I have had the tops of my hiking boots chewed off because of the salt buildup from sweating. During the night some critter will chew them off.

Jennifer said...

Is it shattered instead of chewed? Maybe someone threw something at it?

NV said...

that's really weird. At least they could stop by at a DECENT hour or while you're not home. :-)

It's just rude to destroy your doorbell AND wake you at an ungodly hour.

Greg said...

That is beyond weird. What eats doorbells?

StuccoHouse said...

Anonymous - that's an interesting idea. I never use that door, but I'm sure that doorbell button has been there for years and it's covered by my wide eaves. Oh, I'd be ticked if they chewed my footware :-)

Jennifer - I'm pretty sure it's an animal. On the left side, I can actually see teeth marks. Also, my neighbor has a motion detector light that would have gone off for anything over 4 ft tall. I never use that door and it's on a very narrow stip of land that is enclosed in a fence with a very noisy gate.

NV - Exactly. I'm not a morning person.

Greg - Maybe the same thing that ate my compost bin (label "compost bin"). My dad and I repaired the sidewalk and the threshold of that door a few months ago. Could be an animal that was used to moving there when it turned cold and wanted to show me he did not approve of the repair (???)

At any rate, it was a crappy plastic doorbell. You can see the shadows of the original round doorbell behind it. This will motivate me to upgrade to a nice metal button. Let's see that get chewed off :-)

William said...

It's our mutant south minneapolis squirrels. Years of dodging speeding traffic and living under the flight pattern have given them supernatural survival abilities... Abilities that can only fueled by plastic doorbell buttons.

All kidding aside, squirrels at the rims off most of my plastic flower pots last year. This year they have made a significant dent on my compost bin. Maybe they are trying to grind down their teeth for the long winter. I can't imagine that plastic is good for them.
At anyrate, I hope that they stop waking you up!

StuccoHouse said...

Will - In reality, I think they are mutant. They were crafty when I lived in Linden Hills (SW), but they are pure evil over here in SE. I try not to take it personally, but I'm pretty sure they have some sort of vandetta :-)

eliza_bee said...

that is totally weird, small animals should learn to keep better hours

Mike@RuralRenovation said...

I hope for the squirrel (or whatever it was) that the plastic was PBA free.

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