Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Couple Of Items

Evidently, we are being punished by our CSA for talking about the rotten raspberries we received. Both my mom and I have been removed from the email newsletter mailing that is supposed to tell us what is in the boxes each week. I thought maybe it was just a fluke the first week we didn't receive it. No such luck. I can only laugh at this point. I'm guessing they don't want to hear about the rotten garlic head we received this week that ended up wholly in the trash ;-)

Moving on to less controversial topics.

Here is a photo of what I am facing in my side yard (sorry, it's a bit fuzzy). For those not hip to this weed, it's Creeping Charlie. It is currently taking over my neighbor's side yard and working it's way towards my herb garden. I have spent many a summer's day pulling this stuff up by the root. It only seems to grow back with a vengeance.

I've been told that the most effective time to deal with CC is right after the first hard frost. So, I'm toying with using chemicals. However, I also have trio of lilac trees over on that side of the yard and I'm nervous to do anything that may harm their roots. Because you know it would be just my luck that the chemicals would kill the lilacs and the CC would continue unfazed.

Or do you think it would be totally tacky to run some landscaping edging for a short ways down the side between our two lawns to try to prevent the creeping?


Jayne said...

I don't think the landscaping edging would be too tacky, but I wonder if the weeds would find some way to grow over or around it....I think I would try some carefully-aimed Roundup on that stuff, and just be really careful to keep it away from the lilacs. Good luck.

denise said...

We put some edging to separate our garden bed from our neighbor's lawn, which is totally covered with creeping Charlie. The edging isn't very noticeable, so I don't think it would be tacky. However, the Creeping Charlie will eventually just creep right over the edging, so while it will be a slight deterrent, you'll still have to do some weeding. Keeping your herb garden covered with mulch will help a little too. Good luck--that weed is truly evil!

meditechguru said...

before installing metal edging (which doesn't always stop it in our yard) try taking a shovel and create a 2-3" V shaped groove or channel along the lawn's border. The gap created prevents root spreading ground cover from progressing. You may need to clean it out once or twice a year.

Ranty said...

I subscribe to the trench idea myself. (Though it's so much more fun to call it a moat!)

BTW If you have any interest joining (or simply keeping up on) the newly-established "Mpls Historic Homeowners Association," send me an email. You would be a wonderful addition to the group!

(It's basically a bunch of preservation-minded homeowners getting together... and the majority are bungalow people too!)

Anonymous said...

I hate CHARLIE. It is a big problem in our yard. I pull it out and it comes back stronger. I may have to turn to chemicals because I have just about had it.

The house is looking great.

Central New Yorker

Garden Monkey said...

I always try to be chemical free, but occasionally give in to Roundup because it neutralizes when it hits soil. My neighbor suggested a mixture of salt, borax and water, but I haven't tried it.. yet.

On another note, I was curious which CSA you used, so I don't hitch my wagon to the wrong horse next year... It's always good to hear the reviews.

Anonymous said...

It took a couple of summers, but I successfully eradicated Creeping Charlie using Fertilome Weed Out. It doesn't kill the grass or perennials, at least it didn't for me. It was recommended by my local nursery. Good luck!

PS: your trim looks amazing!


Kim said...

Another vote for Fertilome Weed Out here. Our yard was completely overtaken by Creeping Charlie, and that's the one thing that finally took care of it. Roundup didn't work at all. The perennials, trees, and grass weren't affected at all.

StuccoHouse said...

Thanks all for the advice. I do have some rolled landscaper's edging left in my garage by a PO. We have some minor issues on knowing where the property line is between our lawns, so I'm not quite sure where to go about putting the edging.

Although I used the "moat" approach on my gardens in my back yard, I'm not sure it would work between lawns....or maybe I'm not picturing it right.

I've written down Fertilome Weed Out and will see if my garden store has it. I'm still concerned about my lilacs, but will read the back.

I have heard of the borate mix, but from what I understand the borate stays int he soil and because it's close to my herbs, that concerns me. But I may be totally off base in thinking it stays in the soil (?)

So, what are the ethics of spraying CC in your neighbors lawn :-)

StuccoHouse said...

Garden Monkey - hit the CSA label and it will bring up the details. I don't want to specifically mention the CSA name again, as my posts will pull up in a Google search. We haven't been overly happy with them, but I'm not that mean :-)

Anonymous said...

20% vinegar. It is much better than Roundup and is not a nasty chemical (fertilome). I too have had problems with creeping pain-in-the-charlie. 20% vinegar and a small amount of maintenance weeding took care of it. But only spray it on what you want to go away. And it will not hurt the lilacs nor the herbs nor the health of the soil.

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