Monday, September 29, 2008

Two Down

On Sunday, I crawled out onto the roof and painted two of the new rafter tails. The fascia is painted the light yellow, with the little triagle of shingles the darker yellow (same combo as my front entryway). Of course, while the new paint looks good in itself, it only serves to make the window trim and underside of the eaves look worse. Sigh.

Next Spring I'll peel off those hideous, aluminum, triple track storms and order new wood storms for those three dormer windows and then scrape and paint the trim. It's never ending.

This coming weekend (or earlier if I can skip out for an afternoon), I plan on repairing the ends on the primed fascia board (with unprimed ends) you see on the bottom of the photo. Then I'll be able to get that painted.


Paul said...

Hi StuccoHouse- great work on your house. I am currently in the process of trying to find a knowledgable carpenter in the area to repair our own bungalow's exposed rafter tails (we too are in Minneapolis). I am not sure to what extent they are damaged, but I believe it's significant. If you ahve any help you can provide with referral to a contractor, I'd greatly appreciate it! (note: my email is, and I'm in Minneapolis also)


StuccoHouse said...

Thanks, Paul. I will post here and email you as well.

Scheftel Construction repaired my bungalow's rafter tails ( Here are the original designs I considered

They are also in the process of building my vintage style kitchen cabinet (see kitchen label on my blog). It's a small company located in Longfellow. I have been really happy with the quality & price of their work.

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