Saturday, September 20, 2008


I spent the entire afternoon stripping the remaining, stubborn paint off of the fascia on the side of my house. When the paint was finally off, I sanded the board down to new wood and treated it with BoraCare. This old wood is rock hard. Sanding off even the thinnest layer takes forever.

Now I'm hoping for a couple of more days of sun, so the borate dries. Then I can prime the board, treat both ends with LiquidWood and do a Wood Epox repair. And at long last, paint.

Gawd, it's depressing that this photo looks so much like the last one I posted in spite of all of the additional work.

Of course, now it's a race to see what projects you can still complete outside before winter pounds down on us here in Minnesota. I have two more wood frame storm windows and decorative rafter tail restoration in the works. More on this in future posts (knock on wood).

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