Sunday, September 21, 2008

That Well Meaning Sales Pitch

I was near Home Depot this afternoon, so I decided to stop in and pick up a painting drip cloth and some primer. One of the Orange Vests came up to me and asked if I was finding what I needed (boy, that was a first). I asked him if they still sold those little moist towelettes that pop up from their contain and clean your hands of latex & oil paint. He told me that they had been clearanced out and they no longer carried them. Then he launched into a sales pitch.

Home Depot stock has taken a serious dive lately and it sounds as if the sales people have been told to drum up remodeling business. So, this poor guy chose me to talk about remodeling my bathroom :-) He asked me if I had old. tired fixtures in my bathroom and that needed to be updated.

I chuckled a little bit and told him he had the wrong girl. Little did he know that I had a vintage sink in my hallway, a salvaged medicine cabinet in my basement, and antique ceramic a painstaking attempt to de-homedepotize my bathroom and bring it back to vintage. Pretty much the exact things he wants me to rip out and replace with new.


Anonymous said...

Sounds exactly what I did to my bath. Although original tub and tile were there I ripped out a modern/ dated 70s vanity and and toilet to install a ped sink exactly like the original and circa 1925 toilet. I ended up retiling the floor as it was butchered for sake of plumbing in 1954 and in 2007 by me to replace the closet bend, sink and tub drain. I tiled over it with the same hex tile that was there before. The bath turned out beautifully and has the 1920s feel to it(Like the bathroom was never touched since 1927) Do you have an email I could send pics to share with everyone?

Jennifer said...

Way better to put in OLD stuff!

StuccoHouse said...

Anon - Sounds very cool! Do you have a house blog?

Jennifer - That poor HD guy chose the wrong person.

1915bung said...

I wish that all that old stuff that they talk people into replacing could be made available for us crazy restorers - but you know it all goes to the dump. Sad.

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