Saturday, September 27, 2008

Primer, Primer and More Primer

I will admit to you that this morning while I was laying in bed and I thought I heard rain, I was secretly happy to have a guilt free excuse not to have to prime today. But sadly it was just my imagination running away with me, and there was no rain.

So, I spent the day priming rafter tails. It doesn't look like I will get to painting the sides of my house until next Spring and I want a coat of oil based primer on them just in case.

Then I primed the left, front side fascia trim (scraped & treated last weekend). I left both ends unpainted because they need some epoxy repair. I know this isn't the textbook way of approaching this but again, I want something on it before it snows.

Then I scraped more paint from the front of my house. I know. I sound like a broken record.


Kathy from NJ said...

I forgot to ask you this yesterday - how were the new tails attached?

StuccoHouse said...

Kathy - The new pieces turned out to be pretty small, so they attached them with wood epoxy and long screws. While I was up there today, I gave each one a good shake and they appear to be very solid.

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