Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Gathering

Our Block Club pot luck dinner was this past weekend. Once again, very fun. I really lucked out with my neighbors. A few items of note.

It was kind of funny because many people had noticed I had the tree people out to trim my back tree. However, only one of the guys correctly noticed a tree missing in my front yard. The woman that lives across the street and one house down, noticed that something was different but couldn't put her finger on what :-) I told everyone about my tree dilemma and consensus was not to move too quickly.

My pet peeve. People that have met you a bajillion times and pretend not to remember you (or could they be that vapid?). There is a guy that comes to almost every block party, as do I. I have met him twice a year for 5 years. I know his name, where he lives, what he does for a living and wave whenever I drive by their house. Every freaking block gathering, he acts like he does not know me and where I live. It bugs me. There. I am over it.

Oh, and politics just about reared it's ugly head. Two of the guys that share the same views, I gather based on law signs, started chatting politics. I thought to myself, uh oh. But they soon changed their conversation to another topic. I like to talk politics. I know a fair amount about it. I'm active in it. I like to hear other people's opinions. But there is a time and place for it. As I see it, absolutely no good can come of raising the topic at a block party.

When I first moved into my house, the block party was run by a couple with very strong political views that they assumed everyone shared. It made for an odd tone to the block party events. I went, but the whole thing was strained. I know a few of my neighbors skipped for that reason. But, the couple eventually moved, and the block party planning was handed over to a new crowd. In my humble opinion, things are much more relaxed, neighborly, well attended, and fun now.

Of course, come November I'm cancelling out at least one of their votes, but they don't need to know that :-)

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PlantingOaks said...

I completely agree that politics has no place between neighbors. Even moreso than family, you can't really pick your neighbors, and have to live with them every single day.

I've gotten the impression several of ours have radically different views than us, but thankfully, it hasn't come up yet, and I hope beyond all things it never does.

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