Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Devil's in the Details

Just a quick update to yesterday's post. The Rafter Tail Guy (as he shall henceforth be know until I decide that I like the final product and will name the company) stopped by today with a template rafter tail to try out. He is going to finish one "tail" and when I approve that, move on to the rest. He was outside working for a while and then knocked on the door to tell me that he needed to go back to the shop to tweek the template.

We started talking a bit about the template and got on the topic of how far the tail would extend out from the edge of the roof. I had it vaguely in my mind that it would extend out 3" or so. He had assumed it would end where the edge of the roof ended. We talked for a while about this, and I decided to go ahead with the plan to end the rafter tail at the same point that the roof ends. Historically, they went both ways. I don't think aesthetically it will make too much of a difference. Structurally, these restored rafter tails will be less strong than the original continuous board. The very last thing I want to do is repair these new tails in a few years because snow & rain has beat down directly on them and damaged them. How's that for sweating the details?

To confirm my decision, as I often do, I took a long bike ride through my neighborhood and checked out as many rafter tail houses as I could. I think we are good to go. He's coming back tomorrow to hopefully start work.


Anonymous said...

I have tails that extend beyond the roof edge, and I can attest to the beating they take. Most of mine are in bad shape. When I get around to a fix I think I'll do the same design but pull them back under the roof edge. Waiting with bated breath to see how this comes out.

StuccoHouse said...

Anon - Thanks for the info. I really love those funky designed tails that extend way beyond the roofline, but they sure do look like they take work. I know me well enough that once this is done, I'll have little desire for climbing back up the ladder to make any reapirs.

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