Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Big Puddle of Oil

I am quietly typing this post in the dark, ocassionally glancing over my shoulder. I fear retribution. More retribution, that is, than I have already received.

My car is quite talented. When it feels I am lavishing too much of my time and money on my house, it has the ability to orchestrate it's own catastrophic mechanical failure. I'm pretty sure it heard me calling earlier this week about more new, wood framed storm windows for my house.

$1400 in car repairs when it was all said and done yesterday.

If it wasn't so costly, I would almost admire the car's skill in coordinating the failure of every fluid line at the same time. We are talking distributor, oil and transmission. Then it threw in rear spring failure just for good measure. All of the hoses are also bad (simultaneously), but thankfully I can hold off on replacing those for a bit.

I mentioned "conspiracy" to my mechanic, but he looked at me like I was a little off and said "lady, your car is 11 years old. It's expected. It's a very good car."

I know better.

Shhh...I hear something.


NV said...

OUCH! You can't tell me they don't conspire. I tell the mother all the time "DON'T talk about money in the car!" Then WHAM-O! Instant car repairs ...

Hope you can work it all out. :-)

Chris said...

Ugh! Unfortunately, I can sympathies go out to you! Good luck.

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