Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Trimming The Tree

I received the Tree Guy's estimate and sent in a signed contract. This is the (new) tree guy I called a few weeks ago while waiting for the handyman not to show up (yes, I'm still a little bitter).

I have two massive oaks in my backyard. Massive. The trunks are maybe 10' around. One of them has 4 or 5 huge braches that have died. Like my sewer, this is something I really don't want to spend my money on, so I've been stalling.

A few years ago, part of one of the massive branches came hurtling down into the yard. Thankfully no one was outside at the time because it came down with such force, half of it buried itself two or three feet into the soil. We needed a chainsaw to get that thing out. For a while after that, getting those branches taken care of was top priority, but as with many things the fear subsided and it moved to the back burner.

Which brings us back to the Tree Guy. He came out and looked at the tree. He told me it's "shedding branches." It is not dying. (much to my relief - I don't even want to think about what it would cost to remove the entire thing). He informed me it was a red oak and probably 200+ years old. We agreed on a price. He can't trim the tree now for fear of oak wilt, but we scheduled it for late summer. Check that one off the "To Do" list.

Then I walked him around to the front of the house and showed him my most-hated cedar tree. I asked him if he could do anything with the tree to make it less hideous. He paused for a moment and then told me if it was his tree, he'd cut it down. Words of joy to my heart. I was afraid he was going to tell me that it was a valuable tree that should be saved at all costs. We agreed on a price. Haha....so, the overgrown cedar tree's days are numbered too.


Jennifer said...

Yeah! I remember when we had our 17 shedding treestrimmed last summer... WOW that was a hit in the pocketbook! I was so happy when they told me that the tree that looked the worst (I couldn't even SEE any live branches) and is in the middle of my yard was the healthiest!

Tiny Oak Park Bungalow said...

I'm typically not a fan of pulling down trees but I think your tree guy was right. I had the best time pulling out my 30+ year old yews that practically dwarfed my house!

StuccoHouse said...

Jennifer - I was really not looking forward to getting this bid. The extimate did not turn out as bad as I expected. Still not what you want to spend your money on. I'll post more on the cost & contractor after the work has been done.

Tiny - I'm a "leave well enough alone" person and it generally wouldn't even dawn on me to remove a tree. But this cedar is a double trunk thing that is coming close to devouring the house. You actually have to walk around it to go on the sidewalk at this point. I'm sure it was a cute little shrub at some point that was just left to grow free. The Tree Guy said it's not a type you can just prune back into shape. Fine by me. Lol.....I have read so many blog posts about people hating their yews.

NV said...

Good for you! I just had some shrubs from hell removed and it feels GREAT to know that I no longer have to deal with them. :)

Amanda said...

You'll have to give us a photo update when you have them trimmed. There just aren't any trees that big near my house, as a tree hugger, I'd love to see a picture of your oak tree.

Decorina said...

Yes, there are people out there that liken taking out a tree to genocide. I had a 25' blue spruce taken out of the front yard after I bought this house. Much anguish on a couple of neighbors part and one tree guy who just didn't want to cut it down for me.

There were a couple of problems with it, though. It was planted directly on top of the incoming water line to the house as well as the outgoing sewer line. The water meter was in danger of being heaved out of the ground, as it was a mere 4" from the main trunk of the tree. It blocked a view of the entire front range of the Rockies (the tree guy said that "removing it will not improve the view"! On what planet - "NEXT".

But since it is gone I've gotten many compliments on how nice the house looks and I love being able to see 80 miles of mountains from anywhere on the west side of the house.

You are right, the cedar was just a little shrub that someone planted 60 years ago and let run amok. Cut it down! Free the house and yourself from unsightly overgrown shrub/trees.

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