Monday, July 28, 2008

Taking It's Toll

The whole finger injury has taken it's toll on project progress this summer.

When it was all said and done, the entire medical bill came to just under $1000. Yeah, half for the initial urgent care experience....and half for the hand specialist follow-up. I have a HSA medical plan, so that fine amount comes directly out of my wallet. Sadly, it is roughly the same amount as new wood storm windows for my upstairs windows. Oh, well. What are ya gonna do?

The finger itself is healing well. The top of it actually fell off. I went through a phase where it freaked me out to let anyone near the finger, so I took out my own stiches. The nail bed regrew and a new nail grew out of the bed and reattached itself. Men will not turn their heads in horror and small children will not run in fear.

The weird thing is that the nerves are still growing back. The feeling in the finger gets a little better every day, but right now the finger has a very heightened sense of feeling at the tip. If I run my finger through my hair, each strand feels like yarn.

That said, the thought of putting that finger anywhere near a heat gun or paint stripper sends shivers down my spine. Can't do it. Sadly, stripping the paint off of my wood trim on the exterior of my house was supposed to be my big project this summer.

We'll see. Ever the optimist, I did buy a gallon container of ZipStrip this afternoon.


Allison said...

I would wait awhile before using that ZipStrip. Eeeks. Hope the healing continues.

NV said...

Oh, wow! I SO feel your pain. I injured the midigit in mid-May and it's STILL healing. And you've had it way worse both physically and financially than I did. I echo Allison on this one!

Josh said...

I'm glad you are continuing to mend. Keep taking care of that finger-- the house can wait.

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