Sunday, June 15, 2008

A New Shade of Black

Painted my exterior stair rails on Saturday. I have three of them.

I'm pretty sure my neighbors where thinking - whatthehell is she doing when she has trim on nearly the entire front of her house to strip and paint.

I don't blame them, but it was one of those things I've been meaning to do since I moved in and was an easy thing to knock off the list and forget about for a few years.....ok, a decade.


Jennifer said...

Oh, but I bet they look all nice and shiny now! It's all in the details... you wouldn't notice the future trim if the railings were all nasty!

cristina said...

Your stair rails look wonderful! Did you use matte or gloss, spray or brush?? Just wondering as I have to do mine, also. Do you think your metal railings are original to the house? I assume mine are, but have considered replacing them with wood. I like some of the patterns at Can't remember if you had your concrete steps redone. Mine keep crumbling so I'm thinking of having them refaced with stone (not the fake stuff), if I can afford it.

PS: The stove is great!

StuccoHouse said...

Cristina - I used semi-gloss brush Rustoleum paint. It was a windy day, so I didn't feel like messing with spray...otherwise I proabbly would have gone that route. I thinned it with oil paint thinnner and applied it with one of those cheapo brushes. There were a few spots that had the start of rust, so I hit those spots with Rustoleum Rust Reformer.

I'm next to positive that my railings are not original. The rail shown in the photo is a lower railing from my front sidewalk down to the public sidewalk. Those steps, although pretty old, are not original. They used to be sunken stairs.

I had the top step out of my front door redone. It oroginally seems to have had some sort of stucco or wood rail. The remaining steps are pretty old and have metal railings. Eventually, what I'll be doing is removing those and adding a wood rail that matches the pattern on my Grandmother's house.

Grandma's Railings

cristina said...

Ooohh, very cool. Love the storm door and little dog, too. I wonder if metal rails were ever original?? Many houses around mine have them, but I keep thinking wood might look better. Thanks for the painting tips. I appreciate your wealth of information.

StuccoHouse said...

I'm not sure whose little dog that was. I'll have to ask my dad. This is not based in any documented fact, but I have a suspicion that the wrought iron railing came into being in the 1950'd or so...and became code. I have old photos of my house from the 1030's and neither my house or the ones nest to it had railings at all ont he bottom set of stairs. There is something on the steps to my front door...can't see it clearly, but it's not the metal rail.

Always verify what you read here :-).....I'm by no means any kind of expert....just trying to figure out how to whip my house back into shape.

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