Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sign of the Times & Blue Skies

This past week I bought a Blue Sky Guide. It's a local coupon book that sells for $20.

I buy one pretty much every year because it includes coupons for most of the hardware stores near me, the two grocery stores I go to, and the ReUse Center and ReStore. It also has coupons for my "can cheer me up even on the worst day" stores Patina and Bibelot.

This summer I plan on looking for another salvaged wood storm door for the side of my house, and the ReUse Center coupon is for 20% off so that's about $10 right there.

I figure I get about $50 worth of usable coupons, so it works out to be a good deal for me.

Here's a sad sign of the times though. I got the book home and started paging through it only to find that someone had stolen a $1.00 coupon for gas out if it. Of course, the store that sold me the book gave me a replacement coupon. But, holy cow.....who has the brazen nerve to stand in a store and tear out a coupon?


B Frye said...

Ohhhh, Bibleot shop is amazing...

Are you near Cathedral Hill, then? By Saint Claire cafe?

StuccoHouse said...

Well, I've visited all of their stores :-) But, I primarily go to the one in Linden Hills or on Grand Ave.

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