Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Change Out

I spent most of the day putzing outside. It's the first really nice weekend we have had so far this year. If by nice you mean partly cloudy, windy and 70 degrees.

I pulled out my storms and put in the screen windows. There are a few other houses on my block with vintage wood frame storms/screen and we all seem to choose the same weekend for the change out. I watch for the house on the corner down the street with the tulips...when they change, I change.

I also finally made time to go down to the basement and measure the vintage screens I bought at a garage sale two years ago. As it turns out, two of them are an exact fit for windows on my house. So, I took off the old hanging hardware and painted them grey to match my existing storms.

And then I admired the flowers in my garden which continue to surface each year in spite of me.....


Mike said...

Hey Stucco,

The flowers do look nice! My grandmother's favorite were pansies, she always had them next to her garden.

The screens that DIDN'T fit don't happen to be 30 x 59.25 do they?

Sandy said...

I love pansies and petunias! All of your flowers look lovely!

Josh said...

Nice flower pics-- the bleeding heart is my favorite.

It also looks like the mesh on the screen windows is the same green as the frames. Is the screen material really colored, or am I just seeing things?

StuccoHouse said...

It has been so freaking cold here this year, I figured I had better plant pansies in the flower box. The weather forcaster on one of the tv stations here reminded us that snow was still not totally an impossibility.

Mike - Those are some big windows you have. The remaining screens I have are 24" x 46" and 28" x 46."

Josh - Yup, the screens are painted green. It actually give it a very clean look witht eh screens matching the frames and it also avoids that old globs of paint in the screen problem. I have some paint and will be painting them dark grey soon.

I know it wasn't uncommon to paint the screen. My mom remembers my grandma painting hers every couple of years. My neighbor at my former condo also painted hers every few years. Of course, if I had copper or bronze screens....I wouldn't be touching them.

Ryan said...

I have those "modern" aluminum triple pane storm/screens and decided this weekend was warm enough to open the storm pane to expose the screen. Imagine my surprise when the storm only opens to reveal 4 inches of the screen (in a 48" high casement window). It sucks.

I'm looking into replacements with separate storm and screen panels.

Fran said...

I used to live on south Clinton ave. My house had it's wood storms and the neighbors told me to never put in aluminum storms, that they are not as warm (they had changed theirs). My screens and storms were in great shape and painted black including the screens themselves.
I miss that house. Live in Nevada now.

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