Monday, April 21, 2008

About Face

Last week winter storm warnings and three inches of snow. This week suddenly flowers.

On Sunday, I planted my peas, spinach, radishes and lettuce.

I also dug up a bunch of hostas along the side of my house. One of the POs really, really loved hostas. Me, not so much. Lest you worry, this still leaves me with some 30 or so hostas in my backyard. The plan is to plant some real flowers on the side of my house instead.

It looks like Spring might actually be here to stay.


Mike said...

Yay for gardening. I can't wait to start mine next weekend.

Chris said...

I'm jealous! Last week our weather was absolutely perfect! It got near 80 degrees one day, and I got a lot of much-needed yard work done. This last weekend, however, we were hit with yet another cool down. Yesterday, we beat a 115 year old record for the lowest daytime high in recorded weather history (for this late in April)...39 degrees! It even snowed this morning. Ouch!!! It seems like it will never warm up here! So much for global least in my neck of the woods.

M'elle said...

I just rounded out the garden and yard the way I wanted it (after almost 5 years of work!) when we decided to buy the Foursquare!
I'm taking my bulb plants with me!

Green Fairy said...

My PO was a hosta fan, too--I have dozens of them, all the same variety. Blah, boring. Some will have to go.

I just got rid of a bunch of shrubs I didn't want on Craig's List; free to a good home. I had someone else come do the work of digging them up!

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