Sunday, March 09, 2008

Eminent Domain

My promise to you during the upcoming political election frenzy is that StuccoHouse will remain 100% apolitical. No politics. None. Ever.

100% house, 100% of the time.

That said, for those homeowners that are now serving as delegates in their state or the national conventions, now would be a good time to make sure your party's platform reflects your views on eminent domain. If it's not there, ask how & when you can submit a resolution.

It's difficult to complain when a beautiful old house or historic building is torn down for new condos or shopping center (and a bigger tax base) when we don't clearly inform our elected officials how we expect them to act on our behalf. Of course, if you are a condo builder or shopping center owner with your eye on a prime city lot filled with will need to let them know your views :-)


Sandy said...

Well said!

Chris said...

Thank you! I'm already so sick of all the politics, I could scream! Reading blogs like yours are my only escape from the madness!

Fred said...

House Blogs are a great escape from politics. No question about it.

Not a Condo Developer

Jennifer said...

Grrr... eminent domain... grrr....

Yeah! Lack of politics! Yeah!

Allison1888 said...

I agree completely. We're loosing too many old houses in the name of "progress."

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