Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Windows - The Old Hardware

This past weekend I had a small wave of motivation that inspired me to strip the paint off the hardware from one of my upstairs double hung windows.

So, I decided to take some photos and add it to my little series on window restoration. Clever, huh?

The process needs little explanation. I remove the hardware. I boil it for 30 minutes or so in a water/baking soda mix in my $5.99 pot purchased from Cub Foods. The paint falls off. I polish with fine steel wool & treat with oil. I've posted about this before, but this time I have some in-progress photos.

I usually pick up a few pieces of interesting house info. when pulling off the hardware. The blue paint by the roller shade hardware is new color to StuccoHouse. And don't you love how not one person in 85 years could be bothered to remove the sash lock before painting the sash? I'm just saying...

The hardware on this window is in tough condition...as is the window. But, I'm committed to using the original hardware whenever possible. And I have found that the patina on the stripped hardware does look kind of cool against the fresh, crisp paint on a restored window.


Jayne said...

I'm a newbie at this. Is there a certain ratio of baking soda to water?

Sandy said...

Nice work!

StuccoHouse said...

Jayne - No ratio - I just dump maybe a few tablespoons in. Some people use just plain water...or a little tsp. I use the older baking soda that I have in my fridge to keep it smelling nice....although you can buy specific baking soda in a tub for cleaning. You really can't do it wrong.

Sandy - Thanks!

Larry said...

Love your blog! mind if I link it to mine?

I have just finished working on our windows and am getting ready to do the trim - this trick will come in handy - thanks!

Do you have any idea how it will do on Bavarian two-tone trim?


Bungalow Monster said...

You spoke of learning interesting things about your house when you pull off hardware... I noticed that the lack of paint under your window lock indicated no paint originally.

This reminded me of my own mystery when I removed a shower bar from downstairs bath. One end was attached to window trim. When the bar was removed, it revealed completely unfinished/bare wood. That tells me someone must have been soooo filthy that they just had to get a shower -- even before the painter got the bathroom painted in 1909!

By the way... Isn't it time to removed the label from your boil pot :)

Omar said...

This is the last step in my completion of the nursery here. I wonder though about the hardware that contains the wheel which the sash cords run on. I don't see any screws or something holding them down. Have you tried stripping those as well?

StuccoHouse said...

Larry - Thanks for reading....link away. I have no idea what Bavarian two-tone trim even is :-)

Monster - I'm pretty sure that the windows weren't painted originally because they were in a (then) unfinished attic. That's funny about the shower curtain. Lol...the label is there so I don't accidentally confuse my paint stripping pot with my canning pot.

Omar - My shash pulleys are held in place with a top & bottom screw. That said, I tried to get them out and the screws wouldn't budge. It then occurred to me that only the exterior of pulley would have paint in it, so I stripped the outside portion of the pulley using liquid stripper & an old toothbrush. Then I gave them a good spritz of WD40 to help the wheel spin. It worked very well.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how to get paint off hardware, and you just gave me the answer! Thanks Stucco!

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