Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Tree Fiasco

I'm more than a little irritated by this whole thing.

I have a two huge oak trees in my back yard. Huge. One of them has quite a few large, dead branches. If a good wind came along at just the right time, one of the larger ones could land on my roof. I've been meaning to take care of this for a while now.

So, today I made an appointment with a tree guy. He was to come to my house at 4pm to give me an estimate on cutting down those dead branches.

At 4pm, I was at my house waiting for him. I sat in my living room, so I didn't miss him. At 4:30 I started to wonder where he was, when all of a sudden I glanced out my front window to see him standing in my side yard chatting it up with my neighbor....then they moved to the backyard to continue their discussion.

This numskull tree guy saw my backyard fence and evidently assumed that it was on the property line and the tree was in my neighbor's yard. So, he rang the bell at my neighbors to talk with him. He never even came to my house.

My neighbor does not have a clue as to where the property line is. My fence is about 3 ft inside my property - otherwise it would have had to run through the tree trunk. I own about 3/4 of the said oak tree...and all of the dead branches are in my yard. My neighbor is a renter and does not have the authority to even ok work on the property he lives on...much less on mine. But, he will chat up a storm.

I'm sure this tree guy thinks he got a great lead on taking care of these trees. The one thing I know for sure, is that if he cuts one single branch down now...the invoice goes next door. I hope my neighbor checked his references.

Good fricken grief.


Jennifer said...

How funny. We had our 17 trees in similar condition taken care of last summer... it was EXPENSIVE! (though, for just one tree it shouldn't be). It took about 5 different companies for one to actually MAKE it out here to do the estimate... very frustrating!

Chris said...

I have a similar situation with my neighbor (who is also a renter). We have a fence that separates each of our backyards. The fence is in terrible shape and is falling down. When I called a fence guy to get estimates on tearing it out and putting in a new one, my neighbor threw a fit and tried to take over by saying the fence was his and he would fix it, blah, blah, blah...who does he think he is? I feel for you!

StuccoHouse said...

So, today I get a bid from this numskull tree guy for something totally different than what I called him for. But how would he know....he never bothered to talk to me. I think we all know where that bid is going :-)

I get along with my neighbor. He's a nice guy, but I'm sure he's operating on what the never-seen-owner tells him. And he likes to talk. Unfortunately, this has resulted in my lilac bushes getting hacked newly seeded lawn getting mowed...a snow plow being run across my front yard....and a broken air conditioner (theirs) keeping me up most of last summer. It's getting old.

For all I know, the neighbor could have thought the owner of his house lined up the tree guy. I'm holding the tree guy at fault for this one.

It's just never easy, is it?

Ranty said...

Oy veh...

Decorina said...

Since we bought our house in 2006 similar things have happened. I called 3 tree companies. They all showed up - they even talked to me instead of my neighbor. BUT, the small business owner, who lives in the neighborhood, just didn't want to take down the huge pine tree in the front yard that I wanted removed. He told me "it won't improve your view". Ridiculous - it blocked 45 degrees of a 180 degree view - he was a jerk. He just didn't want to cut down the tree. When I pointed out that it was on top of our incoming water line AND the sewer line and that it was going to heave the entire water meter (which was within 12" of the 16" diameter trunk) he just ignored me.

The tree is gone - a "tree guy" came buy and offered to cut it down and give me the firewood for $400 total got the job. He did a great job and I got the work done for a great price.

Yes, send the owner the bill and let him work it out with his chatty tenant.

StuccoHouse said...

Well, the bid is in the trash where we all knew it would go. I'll try to deal with the whole tree situation once again in the Spring.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should send a little message to the tree guy, mentioning that he did not speak to the owner of the tree before he sent his quote (for a different job). Give him a chance to learn from his mistake.

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