Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Windows - Square One

Things are a little slow here at StuccoHouse, so I thought what I would do is write a series of posts about the steps I'm taking in restoring my old windows. I have 13 double hung, 12 casement, and 3 stationary windows.

This is not new territory and much information is available online. It has been one of the most rewarding projects I've worked on as an old house owner. It takes a commitment of time, but this is not brain surgery and it does not take much skill.

When I first bought my house, I somehow stumbled upon the book Working Windows by Terence Meany. The book includes nice drawings and a simple way of describing things.....which gave me the (false) confidence I needed to get myself too deep into the project to turn back :-)

I think most of the putty is original (1924) and almost all of the glass is the beloved wavy glass. All of the top sashes in my double hungs were painted shut. 90% of the ropes were broken. The wood was, thank heaven, for the most part solid. My biggest challenge has been this funky textured paint used on the exterior trim (you've heard me whine about this before).

Today I will post some photos of my windows in their original condition (the windows with the tacky flowers are a set of 3 casements).


Sandy said...

Somebody somewhere loved those tacky flowers! LOL

You have a hard job ahead of you.

Ranty said...

Ahhh stucco house... I wish you would put an email address on your blog - I reeeeally would love to talk to you!!!! :-)

(You could always make up a dummy account, named something like yourblog@whateveraccount.com...)

I found a house that made me think of you immediately, and I wanted to share it with you: MLS 3463434

Maybe you know of some other vintage-o-philes that would like this place? (It's NOT my listing, FYI - and it's bank-owned. I just think it's a great place and want to see someone rehab it rather than it fall into the hands of *cough* "investors" *cough*)


StuccoHouse said...

Sandy - Lol...I'm ashamed to admit that the tacky flowers have grown on me....sadly they melt in the sun though.

Ranty - Spam took over my email address :-) I respond promptly to posts....unpromptly to email (just don't have the time) My email is owner at stuccohouse dot net.

Cute house. Boy does that price reflect North, huh? That's shocking. Great lights & woodwork (in need of some help - birch & red oak, for the record).....could look wonderful. I know lots of vintage types, but no one interested in venturing to north in this market - as an owner or restoration investor :-( It's too bad, cuz it's very sad to see what the city is losing....maybe we can convince the bank to hire us to restore it :-)

Greg said...

Last night on Nova (PBS) that had a show about Absolute Zero. I happened to flip on in the last 15 minutes. They were showing old-time clips of ice use, and in one quick scene they showed a burley ice man in the 40s delivery a big block of ice in to a small door on someone’s back porch. The next shot is inside the house and woman opens a door on her oak ice box to show the big block of ice that was just delivered. The ice box had one full-height door on the right, and then two half doors on the left. The top door on the left was solely for the block of ice and it filled the entire compartment.

Sorry, I didn’t see what the knob looked like on the exterior ice door.

StuccoHouse said...

Greg - At first I thought you were going to post about the old ice castles they built during the Winter Canival here.

Dang, I watched Antiques Road show and then turned off the tv. I would have loved to see how it actually worked. The space that my old ice box was in is pretty big (3'2" wide). The upper cabinets were hacked off, so it's hard to tell how tall it was. But, one day when I was bored I pulled out the fridge. It looks like the ice box was actually built into the cabinets - there are sawed edges & the wall has a drywall patch. Geez, I wish they had put that in my basement.

I was driving about town one day and saw an exterior ice door that still had it's hardware on....it was a busy street and I had to drive around the block 3 times. But, it looked like the same type of hardware they used on the interior ice box. Very simple. The piece I bought in Portland may actually be one.

Am I a little obsessed? (maybe). I think we all know that this topic will probably knaw at me until I have to get that little door functional again.

Bungalow Monster said...

Could you help me out? I just ventured in to this blogging thing. I see you have an RSS feed link on the side of your blog (which I subscribed to because I love your blog!!) I tried adding the exact one to mine at bungalowmonster.blogspot.com and doesn't seem to be working so I removed it. Where do I paste the html code (I use Google like you.) The icon did appear like yours did, but when I clicked on it, it did not add my posts to the Google Reader. It just said "unknown" any thoughts?

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