Thursday, January 03, 2008

Windows Deferred

After 2 years, I'm pretty sure it can no longer be accurately classified as "procrastination". It really must be called "severe mental block."

Two years ago, I removed the sashes of one of my upstairs windows. I promptly refurbished the hardware. I stripped both sashes down to bare wood, repaired any damage, removed the old, wavy glass, cleaned and rebedded the glass, reputtied the glass and repainted the sashes. I bought the sash rope and oiled the pulleys. I stripped the interior trim of it's lead paint & repainted it.

Then they sat....or rather leaned against the wall upstairs. For two years. I occasionally dusted them and thought about how I really should just reinstall them. And they sat some more. The funny thing is that I fully restored and reinstalled a number of casement windows during this time.

Well, a combination of pure holiday vacation boredom, -10 degree weather, and shame finally motivated me to reinstall the sashes. It took 45 minutes. They look quite nice. If you look closely, you can see the bronze v-channel weatherproofing in the channel of the lower sash. The windows (upper & lower) operate with one finger :-) They keep out the cold. They will last another 100 years. I can't explain the hold up in installing them.

I still have to remove some stubborn spots of paint (yes, I see the old paint in the heads of the hardware screws & the sash channel) and add the interior stop.

I really, really enjoy rehabbing vintage windows. Once I get my photos in order, I'll post about the entire process I take.




Anonymous said...

Wow- it looks great! It's weird how sometimes the last step can take so long when the rest of the project took so much work. Nice work!

Tarr said...

But, but, but Old Wavy Glass is a thing of beauty!

Why replace it?

StuccoHouse said...

Nobody said anything about replacing old wavy glass.

I removed it, cleaned it and rebedded it ;-)

Old putty that was once used as a bed for the glass can cause future cracking. I remove it down to wood and replace it with a this of silicone to float the glass. Then I reputty.

I actually have a stash of wavy glass I salvaged in my basement, just in case.

Sandy said...

Beautiful! You have the patience of Job!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm here from the Yarn Harlot's blog. I too am an accountant working in Mpls (DT, downtown). Perhaps I know you?

Your house sounds like a fun project for someone with lots of patience and knowhow and willingness to learn. That's you, not me :)

StuccoHouse said...

Trissa & Sandy - Thanks for the kind words!

kmkat - Welcome! There certainly are a lot of you over at Yarn Harlot!

For some reason my profile keeps switching to the default of accounting, but I'm not an accountant. I'm pretty sure it's Blogger playing a cruel joke on me....cuz this morning I sat down to do some year end tax stuff and gave myself a big old headache.

Anonymous said...

You're right, procrastination doesn't cover it - after 2 years.

I think such projects in my house are up to four years of neglect.

DH removed the 1/4 panel from where the wall meets the floor (which probably has a more proper name, but I don't know it), in the living room and in the kitchen. It was so they could be painted and replaced.

The pieces leaned on various walls for at least two years! Developing great curves as a result. They are now stored in various closets - still bent.
But I do not dust them anymore!


Maggie said...

Hi, I'm here too from Yarn Harlot, but have an old house and know that old house work/procastination..attic insulation here seems to top the list...
Great windows, worth saving, mine aren't but most are now is the entire east foundation wall, some fool before me dug a hole for utility area under, didn't finish, didn't do things right, sand the entire brick foundation wall is trying to fall into the started utility to fix that before attic can become a studio so I have a place to make quilts and knit...Maggie in IL

Omar said...

Hey better late than never. The window looks great! I'm dreading doing similar work to a few of my windows.. Ack!

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