Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Trend Spotting

Here's one of the reasons why I like living in an old neighborhood. If you keep your eye's peeled, you can spot little tell-tale signs of history.

Most of the houses (and garages) in my neighborhood were built in the early 1900-20's. Homeowners had to take some ingenious steps to accommodate the big cars that became all the rage in next few decades.


Sandy said...

Loved the pictures from long ago.

StuccoHouse said...

I love old photos. My mom is actually in the last photo and my dad is in the one above it. I think it is neat how people used to take pictures in front of their cars.

Anonymous said...

My brick garage from 1927 was widened in the 1950s by the Zales(The POs) to accomodate a wider car. a foot of brick wall was broken off on both sides and an overhead door added about 1954. It looks good compared to many garages like your pics; there remuddled in my opnion with a stupid box inclosure. ncie pics btw.

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