Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hey, It's Me

Being a "regular" at your local stores has benefits.

When I first moved into my house, I painted the living room using Devine paint's color Sundown. The paint is oh-so-cool. Thick like pudding, smells like yogurt and has an uber high pigment density that makes the colors do very cool things in different lights. If you haven't tried this paint, you must. I am a big fan. Just don't paint when you are hungry.

Over the years, I've been completing other projects in that room and now there are some spots that need a small touch-up.

So a couple of months ago I stopped in at Hirshfields, a local paint store. Depending on the brand of paint I'm buying, I always go to either Abbott Paints or Hirshfields - and I've been painting a lot and almost always ask for their advice, so both places recognize my face. Anyway, my mission was to buy one of the sample packets of Sundown to do my touch-ups.

When I went to the Devine display, I discovered that Sundown had been discontinued. Not a big deal with most paints, but Devine doesn't not mix non-Devine colors. I panicked slightly. The sales guy took me under wing and told me he'd look through the formulas to see if perhaps they had just changed the name. Whew, my new color name was Organza. Unfortunately, they were out of sample packets. The paint is on the expensive side and I was in no huge rush to touch up the paint, so I decided to hold out for the sample size.

I stopped in again the next week. And the next. And one more time. On my last visit, I was chatting with the sales guy about when he thought the next shipment might arrive and he suddenly excused himself saying something cryptic "...let me just check on something." A few minutes later he reappeared from the back room with a quart of Organza paint. For me. Without charge :-) They knew me. They knew I had been in a few times. They thought I had been through enough and wanted a happy customer.

Mission accomplished.


Greg said...

That's cool! It pays to build relationships.

StuccoHouse said...

Yea, just when I went and got all accustomed to crappy customer service and started to think it was the new norm.......a company surprises me by thinking their customers are important :-)

Mr. H said...

I'm glad you left one of our stores a satisfied customer. Our stores strive to make certain everyone receives that "added value" of excellent customer service.
You don't need us; we need you as customers.
Hans Hirshfield

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