Monday, October 22, 2007

A Vanity Painting

This past weekend, I spent some time painting the wood trim surrounding my front windows. I stripped the wood earlier this Spring. (For some reason every photo I take of the front of my house leans to the right. That's me, not the house)

Painting the windows now probably wasn't the most logical order in which to accomplish things. I was going to wait until Spring, but I got tired of the roofers I had out last week giving me the "why bother, you live in a crappy house" attitude. This even after I explained to them I pulled down the aluminum soffits and am restoring the wood. It was hard on StuccoHouse morale.

So, this was a vanity painting.

I still have not located & bought the backband trim to replace the exisiting trim that is in really bad shape. I have been dragging my feet on this mostly because I just can't wrap my head around the fact that it is cheaper for me to pay $100 for UPS shipping from a mill in NJ than it is to buy the stuff less than a mile from my house. At some point, I will just need to break down and buy the stuff and replace the trim. Most likely next Spring.

The top horizontal trim board also is in bad shape. The soft wood around the hard grain is worn out and there is some "suspicious activity" going on behind it (i.e. punky wood). Next Spring I need to pull that board out, address some issues behind it and replace the board.

The vertical boards are hard as rock and stripped quite well.

So, I primed the vertical boards & painted them. I left the back band border trim unpainted (easier to pull off later). I didn't want to leave the top horizontal trim board unpainted, so I skipped the primer and painted it. From the street it looks almost properly painted. The more yellow that goes onto the front of the house, the more I like it. I think the yellow & gray make it look more "crisp" than the dingy white.

I did make a minor change to the painting color scheme. I'll post more about that on another day.

Finally, just to show some progress I've included a photo of the old aluminum storms & grungy front windows.


Nate said...

Woah, same wavelength! I just posted about my storm windows and I also used the word 'crisp' to describe fresh paint! I'm liking the colors (especially the wood storms) and I know exactly how those vanity paintings can boost up the morale... even if it's not a finished project yet!

Omar said...

Wow that looks awesome! Nice view into the future when you do get to replacing that wood trim. :)

Ranty said...

"why bother you live in a crappy house"...? Ugh! *That* sucks. (I have gotten that too, but more often I get the "why bother you live in a crappy neighborhood" attitude.)

But your paint job looks really great!!

P.S. I am having a gathering at the Healy House very soon and I wanted to invite you, but you don't have your email address posted. If you'd like to come, send me a note and I'll get you the details! (Or if you're in touch with Josh at Bungalow '23 you can have him forward you the deets.) There will be several house enthusiasts in attendance! :-)

merideth said...

lovely lovely lovely!

Dulcie said...

Yay! Loving the colors and interested in how you changed the scheme...

StuccoHouse said...

Thanks all :-)

Ranty - Thanks for the invite, but this time of year gets crazy busy for me. Have a cocktail for me!

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