Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I'm tired of talking about it.

They came and fixed the drip edge today. It now covers all of the wood trim in the arch. It will patina to a nice golden brown which will match the oil rubbed bronze hardware on the door & light.

I had talked to the last installer about fixing a gap in the roofing membrane under the eaves on the right side of the overhang. Apparently the guy who came out this morning didn't get that memo. So, I'll have to get someone else out to deal with that before winter sets in (sigh). I'm just weary of the whole thing. But I do like the finished edge, and it is a vast improvement over the aluminum that once was there.

Wow, the yellow paint on the house is not nearly as bright as it appears in that photo. I also foget until I look at photos that there is a section of stucco under the arch that is still grey. This is a mystery because as far as I can tell the house (and garage) have always been a version of light yellow/cream.

Oh, and I finally painted the overhang brackets (more before & after photos of this shortly).

Now I need to replace that one piece of missing trim (upper right hand corner of arch) and paint the wood.


Kathy from NJ said...

Absolutely beautiful! I went to the archives to look at the first "after" picture - this new one is far superior. Best of all, your guests won't get wet waiting for you at the front door!

Josh @ Bungalow '23 said...

There is nothing so classy as exterior copper-- especially when it's the right shape. :) What a great improvement to the house!

StuccoHouse said...

Thanks :-) I does look a lot nicer now that it fits nicely over the wood trim. They did a nice job this time. It's really shiny right now, so I'm anxious for it to get a little patina on it.

I'm kind of sick of the whole topic, but I think this is one of those things that a month from now I'm going to look at and really like.

It rained yesterday and it worked like a champ. No more water in the attic.

I didn't have the energy to repost old phots, but anyoen interested in seeing what I started out with can find the whole stinkin saga under the label "overhang."

P.S. sorry for the comments moderation. A little post spammer in Nicaragua forced me to do it. ;-(

Tiny Oak Park Bungalow said...

Nice. What an ordeal. You could have devoted an entire blog site to this one little project.

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