Friday, September 07, 2007

Random Acts Of Desperation

The other day I was out in my living room quiety watching tv when I heard a really loud thump coming from one of the back rooms. I looked in each bedroom and then, finally, in the bathroom.

When I got to the bathroom I saw the toilet seat skewed to one side, the top was laying against the wall and the screw covers were scattered on the floor.

This was a little odd because I was the only one in the house and had not been anywhere near the bathroom for quite some time. Evidently, the $8 plastic Home Depot bargain toilet seat had taken all it could and in a final, spontaneous act of desperation, flung itself to it's death on the cold, hard, hex tile.

So, tonight I have been trolling the Kohler website for a more sturdy (and emotionally stable) replacement. Add one more item to the bathroom restoration list.


John said...

I think I've lost it. Really. Something about a the poor thing just offing itself is . . . hysterical.

Sandy & Michael said...

that is too hilarious!! and slightly creepy at the same time.

But I'm strangely attracted to the black toilet seat, it's something I've been considering. And we definitely have to buy a seat since kohler doesn't include one with the toilet.


Derek said...

After going through 2 wood toilet seats (they were actually particle board), we got a Kohler seat. Next time I'll get the anti-slam one, kids are hard on this stuff.

StuccoHouse said...

Lol...if I had to spend 24/7 in that bathroom, I'd probably have offed myself too :-)

Let's just say, it desperately needs restoration - I do have the original window stripped & restored....and a vintage medicine cabinet & wall sink waiting to be installed....and tiles for the crappy PO drywall.

Ranty said...

This is one of the wierdest things I have ever heard of.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure your house isn't haunted? Toilet ghosts are pretty tough to eradicate!

ps. I stumbled upon your blog and spent a couple of hours reading back posts. You look like you're having fun (some of the time at least) and seem to be good at what you do, but you've convinced me to never buy an old house. :)

darla said...

Just stumbled across your blog and I'm loving it! This post, in particular, is hilarious! Poor toilet seat!
Thanks for a good laugh!


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