Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Did you feel a slight shift in the cosmic universe last week? That was me registering for eBay.

I put it off for as long as possible because, frankly, the possibilities kind of scare me. It seems a perfect mix of: no crowds, old house stuff, no driving, no store hours and a little healthy competition. It seems like something I could get drawn into.

My first shopping item: a vintage, pink phone.

I started by pulling up a sorted list of pink phones, and my heart beat a little faster when I saw a nice selection. I decided to start watching one auction. I wanted to see how people bid......kind of learn the ropes.

I had been doing a little research and knew....1950-60s pink phones were on the rare side. A nice pink - unfaded phone, original parts, in working condition sells for around $50-70 retail.

The "test auction" was progressing nicely....then all of a sudden it went wild. The ending bid: $408. I was a little disheartened - was this one sale that got out of hand or was that the going rate? I watched a few more pink phones go at more reasonable bids.

Then the phone of my dreams appeared. My strategy was The Last Minute Pounce. Ha! I got it :-) $23.50. $12 shipping.

UPS took forever to deliver it. When it arrived it was a little dirty and this got me thinking. I didn't even know from where it came. Freaky. So, I pulled apart the entire phone and detailed it. I polished the little, interior brass bells. I even managed to correct a sticking in the dial rotation. You could now eat off this phone it's so clean.

Sadly, this is the end of the great vintage phone binge of 2007. A little bungalow only needs so many phones.

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