Friday, September 28, 2007

New Haul

Here's a quick shot of a new (old) chair I picked up.

I'm always a bit freaked out by the possible cooties in upholstery on vintage furniture, so that was pulled off & tossed immediately. Don't worry it was nowhere near original and was sloppily stapled on the bottom of a plywood board that was nailed on to replace the missing webbing. The paint is also not original - someone painted it and then took sandpaper to it to make it "shabby chic" (small gag).

Imagine a cream chair with a pink & cream striped seat with piping. I know it is not a "bungalow" chair.....but it will work in my bedroom.


Anonymous said...

Looking for Bauer Brother Salvage -- found your blog. Not too many comments on your finishing touches and thought you should know there are those of us out here who dream in "completed" secquences and full color! Sweet chair - personally I like the black. Gives it an ethnic feel and you could save yourself some time just covering the seat with a creme shadow stripe or heavier black/gold stripe fabric topped off with a colorful small pillow calling it "done". Good luck -- love your talent.

Ranty said...

That chair is VERY cool! I hope you put an "after" pic up when you get it the way you want it. I'd love to see the difference.

StuccoHouse said...

I don't mind the black, but I specifically bought the chair to paint.

Here's a little back story for those people that read the comments. I stopped at this furniture shop while I was out running errands. There is a new owner, but in the past the place has sold "used" to "antique" furniture. I have been looking for an inexpensive wood chair w/ upholstry to paint & reupholster for use in my bedroom. I am not an antique expert, but I buy a lot of old furniture and have a pretty good idea of what I'm buying. When I saw this chair, my guess was that is was a 1950 to 80's barrel back chair. It is a nice solid chair with a lot of charm, but it is clearly not an antique. You can imagine my surprise when the owner told me it was a "Victorian Empire chair" that had been "restored by someone that knew what they were doing." I don't think he was giving me a line; I think he believed it. Lol....I paid for the chair and went on my way w/o a word.

I sanded the chair down today and am more certain than before of my original asessment. The black paint was a layer of latex over wood.

Guess it just goes to show, unless you are an expert, buy the piece because you like it....not the story that goes with it ;-)

Joe M. said...

SH...I'm betting this was part of an early 1900s "Parlor Set" which would have included (3) parts; a love seat, rocker & chair. I think you have a chair from a set. Most were oak but a higher grade would have been mahogony. It's the same era as your lovely little Ladies desk.

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