Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Race is On

I was laying in bed Monday morning trying to will my eyes open and get my brain up to speed for starting the day, when all of a sudden my brain registered a noise. Hmmm.....what was that noise?.......sounds like someone on my roof.....yes, I think it's someone on my roof......WAIT A SEC., SOMEONE IS ON MY ROOF!

I crawled out of bed and peeked out one of the windows to find a guy up on the roof intently inspecting my front door overhang. was the the metal fabricator/roofing guy out to measure for the copper drip edge.

This was a lot sooner than I expected, as I just signed the contract and sent in my down payment last week. I threw on some clothes and went outside to chat with the guy. Bill, the roofing guy who installs the work of the metal fabricators, was very friendly and spent some time with me explaining how he intends to install the drip edge. It turns out that the drip edge they quoted runs longer on the roof than I had anticipated - this is a very good thing! There is also an area of the overhang roof that, once the alumnum came down, is pretty much a wide open hole. So, I talked to him about fixing that at the same time as the drip edge installation.

I was taken by surprise when I asked how long it would take to have the drip edge ready to install and Bill said probably by the end of the week. I am a jaded, old house owner who expected this to take months.

So, now the race is on for me to get the wood trim that will be covered by copper exactly the way I want it. There are some spots that I need to hit with wood consolidator.....some that I'd like to fill in with some epoxy.....and now that I know the edge will run higher up the roof, some missing trim to prime & nail up.


John said...

Congratulations on the sudden progress, good luck!

Beth said...

Only old house owners are psyched when there are people on their roofs. :)

jm said...

Happiness is a contractor on your roof. Especially when they are there to work. Definitely.

Dulcie said...

Yay! I can't to see pics of the installed copper... :)

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