Friday, August 17, 2007

Mish Mash

This is going to be one of those miscellaneous topic posts that is probably more therapy for me than it is interesting reading for you.

First, I talked with the copper drip edge guy this afternoon. Well, we exchanged messages. His message said they were a bit backed up in their work due to the monster rain storms we have had here the past week. Their offices are located in a suburb that was particularly hard hit. They are taking care of customers with leaks first. Understandable.

I just asked him to give me a day or two notice before they came out to my, I could be here for the install. I am curious what the condition of the roofing underneath the current drip edge is......and I also want to understand how they install it. So, it looks like it will be a week or two before I get to post photos.

Yesterday, my mom and I canned 40 pounds of peaches. Peeling peaches is a hellish task that only becomes worth it in the middle of winter when you can pull out a jar of peaches. This latest canning session cemented in my mind that I really, really need one of those vintage 1940-1950's stoves. You know, the big monster stoves with all that room on top. I need to start seriously watching Craig's List....figure out what I much I need to pay.....and how I can actually get one home.

I spent some time this afternoon running around town. The sidewalk on the side of my house has done some inevitable settling. Where it meets the foundation, this leaves a 3/4" or so gap. I've spent some time caulking this in past years, but am getting tired of redoing it every year. In an older section of the sidewalk, the PO put down a patch of concrete.....which is not at all flexible and really doesn't do much of anything.

What I really want to do is clean it all up and put down the kind of joint filler they use on commercial sidewalks & concrete roadways. Its a thick black/gray rope of very flexible tar/fibers or flexible epoxy that you put into the is very solid but sticky enough that it grabs on to both sides of the crack....and remains flexible. If you look, you see it everywhere.

However, apparently no one sell the stuff......or knows what it officially is called. I stopped by a bunch of places today.....explained what I was looking for.....was met with a whole bunch of blank stares.....or directions to the wrong product on the other side of the store. They desperately wanted to sell me backer rod. Eventually, there would be one sales person in the crowd that would all of a sudden have a light go off....emit an "aaahhhh".....tell me they knew what I was talking about....then tell me they didn't have it. It's like my mind comes up with this stuff just to send me on a scavenger hunt.

Finally, an Ikea catalog arrived in my mailbox today. I laughed a little when I saw it, as I don't think they could have sent that catalog to a person that is farther from their target market. I've been to their nearby store twice and doubt that I will ever go back. I'm just not a fan. I know 97% of the free world disagrees with me on this, but I say save a few more dollars and buy the real thing.


Kathy from NJ said...

Isn't that black stuff just tar?

Chris said...

I know exactly what you're talking about for the concrete joints. I believe it's some sort of polymeric sand. Good luck!

Ellen said...

Good luck with the drip edge. I'll be interested to see how it goes on, too.

I was about to point you in the direction of Schmick Schack for the stove they have there, but it looks like you've already seen it. (I know I didn't spell the blog name correctly.)

Thanks for the pointer on the Harvest forum - I just ordered 25 extra pounds of Roma tomatoes from my CSA. I see salsa in my future...

Anonymous said...

Hello Caller? Are you there?

I'm not sure that my comment posted. So if I'm repeating myself, please delete. Sorry for the trouble.

For the flexible joint goop, check with swimming pool builders. It is used for the joints on the concrete decking around the pool. You can get other colors besides black. []

Beth said...

Ah yes...Ikea. We always end up with stuff from there if I can't find a "real" thing that I want and we need something temporary. But then I always end up hating it, and the cycle begins again.


StuccoHouse said...

All - One key factor I forgot to mention is that I'm looking for a new concrete joint filler that is not self leveling. Thats one of the problems with caulk, etc. The sidewalk is 3" thick and any self leveling filler just sinks.

Ellen - You should check out the Harvest forum Annie's Salsa recipe. It's supposed to be really good. Any recipe there by "Linda Lou, Reading Lady or Annie" are pretty spectacular. Plums are on sale at Rainbow this week....

Anonymous - Yahoo! The link you provided has a company that makes the stuff I'm looking for! For anyone doing a similar search, here's the link: The Deck-o-Seal Also sounds like it has some potential Of course, they sell to industry, so I'll have to start calling...

Beth - I will admit to owning one dresser from Ikea. The store was brand new in town, people were sleeping outside to be first at the opening, and I fell for the hype. But when sat with my screw driver in a pile of boards, careful not to scratch the genuine laquered veneer & particle board.....and pulled out a packet that said I was supposed to strap this thing to the wall so it didn't tip over, I knew I had made a terrible mistake ;-)

AJN said...


The joint sealant that you are looking for is probably a urethane sealant, either one part, or two part. Contact your local BASF representative or the main office in shakopee and ask for information regarding their "NP1" or "NP2" products.

Fellow bungalow owner and Restoration Engineer in the MSP metro

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