Friday, August 10, 2007

Just One More Thing

Waiting for this copper drip edge has become stressful.

The roofing guy who came out to measure my front door overhang (for the back story see the "overhang" label below) thought that they might be ready to install the fabricated drip edge by the end of this week. So, for the past few days I have been frantically applying wood consolidator & wood epoxy to areas of the trim that need help, but will be covered by the new drip edge. I have no one to blame but myself....I should have done this while I was waiting for bids. I know, I know.

Of course, we currently have 1010% humidity...and intermittent rain (just my luck that this would be the week that we get it; we've been in a severe drought all summer), so none of it is drying. Last night I was up on my ladder with a heat gun manually drying the epoxy. While I was up there, I noticed a steady little stream of wasps flying by me to a little gap in the old roofing.

Heavy sigh.

For fear that a wasp would appear while the copper drip edge guy was up there....and he then would refuse to work in the area.......I called a pest control guy to come out and spray for wasps.

So, the pest control guy arrived bright and early this morning. He sprayed for wasps....and then threw in a millipede treatment for good measure :-) When he was done, he politely asked me if I would be interested in going out with him. Ooh, he was so not my type.....but I will admit to you that for a brief second....I thought about my chance to have a totally pest free house. I took the high road, but you can't blame me for at least considering it. Now, if he had been a finish carpenter.... Just kidding. Well, mostly just kidding ;-)

At any rate, it looks like it will be next week for the copper drip edge install.


The Litter Box House said...

If you start to sell yourself to contractors just to get them to do good work, be sure to take the highest bidder! :)


lisa dunn said...

Just stopped by to say hello...I stumbled upon your blog, and what a treat! I tried to find information about where you're located, is it Longfellow, Nokomis, or SW Minneapolis...but couldn't find any clues. We have a baby blog we've started at and would like to link to you...let me know? Thanks! Lisa

StuccoHouse said...

Litter Box - Well, I think "sell yourself" might be a little harsh. I'd prefer to think of the concept as "strategic dating" ;-)Sadly, most of my contractors don't hold a lot of promise in that regard...

Lisa - Thanks for reading! Stick with me and you will see lots of clues ;-) Link away.

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