Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Plastic Replacements

I'll admit to being a bit of a lawn furniture snob. When I moved into this house, two wood Adirondack chairs came with me. No plastic furniture for my back yard.

Well, those chairs served me faithfully for nearly 15 years. Last week one tragically succumbed to rot.

It occurred to me that I am in no position to be throwing money willy-nilly at lawn furniture that is going to need maintenance. I have bills to pay, and I have also come to the realization that the days of me having time to paint lawn furniture are probably pretty far off.

After all, I have an entire house exterior to scrape & paint. I have 80 yr old windows to restore. I have copper drip edge guys to track down. I have backband to locate. I have a kitchen to restore.

So, when I spotted these chairs at my local hardware store on clearance......and the kind cashier told me she would take two of my Ace Rewards $5 off coupons......I thought to myself......what could be the harm in having a few plastic chairs.

Their warranty is for 3 years.....and that's about the time I should be able to work in a some new wood Adirondacks.


Anonymous said...

Got the exact same kind. Same color even. Like them because they are light, but watch out for high winds.


the reluctant remodeler said...

Yeah, we just succumbed yet again and bought a light green plastic foldable table and chair set. Sure, I'd love a teak set, but we don't even have a real patio yet, and I'll wait. I have to say that the foldable set is great for camping...


StuccoHouse said...

Guardian - They actually are pretty comfortable. Thanks for the tip about the wind - I'm sure my neighbor wood love to see them flying through his back picture window.

Reluctant - Yes, I could see these being put to good use in a camp ground at some point. I have to admit they are pretty handy.

ben said...

just sold our set like that at a garage sale. still in good conditiona after seven years - some things just never rot ;)

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